The Birth of Fairlife 

When Coca-Cola decided to step up their game by distributing a new milk that hit the market in 2015, everyone was curious. Coca-Cola's goal was to distribute a tasty milk dedicated to proper animal treatment as well as agricultural sustainability. To achieve this, they partnered with Select Milk Producers.

Fairlife milk was necessary for Coca-Cola. According to the New York Times, sales of full-calorie soda in the United States had plummeted by more than 25 percent. Soda consumption, which was high in the 1960s through 1990s, started to experience a significant decline.

Due to this, Coca-Cola needed to relaunch themselves into the market in an original way. They refocused their target with—you guessed it—milk! In general, all brands of milk sales had been steadily declining and Coca-Cola bet their "premium" milk could increase these sales. This premium milk, Fairlife, aims to provide consumers with their calcium and protein intake needed to be their strongest, healthiest and happiest self. 

Animal Care and Sustainability

As an educated consumer, thinking about the products you are buying and the impact it has on our animals and overall ecosystem is extremely important. The name "Fairlife" is exactly what they want to provide to their animals—a fair life. This means baby calfs are always medically treated when needed, cows have comfortable beds, and they are able to free roam while still being protected by weather conditions.

According to the official Fairlife website, co-founder Mike McCloskey dedicated the past two decades to improving animal care and sustainability practices. By growing their own crops internally, cows are able to be fed without mixing other unnatural products. This closed system ensures trust from consumers because they control exactly where their milk is going. 

Health Benefits

Consuming too much dairy has been considered controversial in the "wellness" world because of high levels of saturated fat and digestive problems it can play a role in—among other reasons. However, when incorporated properly, milk is a "nutritional powerhouse" to the bones in your body. The official Fairlife website states their filtration system separates the milk into its most natural components: water, fat, sugar, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Fairlife adds their lactose-free combination packed with 50% more protein and 50% more calcium. 

Many people choose to incorporate milk into their diet by drinking almond milk for double the protein. Fairlife milk has 13 grams of protein compared to almond milk that only has about 1g. Fairlife also has 60% less sugar which is an added bonus. 

#SpoonTip: 13 glasses of almond milk = 1 glass of Fairlife!

Fair Life is for.... EVERYONE. (That's right, lactose intolerant friends!)

You heard correctly, Fairlife is lactose-free! Finally, a product that doesn't make lactose intolerant folks' stomach hurt. Unless you actually don't like the taste of milk, you'll finally be able to enjoy that bowl of cereal or glass of milk again. All your lactose intolerant friends will be able to enjoy milk again and realize what they've been missing.

The Taste

I cannot emphasize enough how much better this milk tastes than any other milk. The farm-fresh milk tastes as if it was milked by cows that morning. Consumers consistently say in reviews that it's thicker, richer and more likely to keep them full longer. I truly feel like I am drinking a creamy supercharged drink. The amount of protein and calcium always gives me an insane burst of energy thirty minutes after pounding down a glass of one of these. 

Brad Gruen, the VP of marketing for Fairlife, states “We fundamentally believe that our core tenets – better taste, better nutrition, better values – give Fairlife significant elasticity that allows us to innovate across many different categories."

The Success of Fairlife

It's no surprise Fairlife has done so well in the past few years and is continuously improving. According to Food Navigator, the dollar sales of Coca-Cola's high-protein milk grew by 79% in 2016. They offer four main types of milk: skim, 2%, whole, and low-fat chocolate milk. Overall, people have pretty positive reviews on all Fairlife products. For all of these reasons, I have chosen to drink Fairlife milk and have been a satisfied, consistent, and healthier consumer ever since. 

Join me (as seen in this Instagram) and pour yourself a glass of Fairlife. Bottoms up!