If you have a friend who is coming to visit you any time soon, and you want to show them around campus and feed them in a way that won't deplete all of your dining dollars or Wolfie Wallet money, it can be difficult to find the perfect eatery. Picky friends are common, and choosing a place to eat at SBU that will definitely satiate them isn't always the easiest thing. We might be used to mac and cheese and fries from West for every other meal, but our visitors may have a choosier palate.

The Picky Friend: SAC Food Court

You love this friend dearly and have known them your whole life, but they're ridiculously hard to please when it comes to food. Taking them to the SAC Food Court is definitely your best bet. Here, they can choose from chicken tenders with fries from The Grill, pizza from Urban Pizza, noodles from Oodles, and my favorite, personalized salads or wraps from Cyclone (ask for it toasted!).  They can find something that suits them, and your Wolfie Wallet won't feel too much lighter afterwards.

The Caffeine Addict: Starbucks

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Amelia Hitchens

Stony Brook University is equipped with three Starbucks locations, two of which are indoor, and one of which is the first Starbucks Truck in New York. Melville Library's Starbucks is the biggest, as well as the newest. It has all of the perks of a real Starbucks location (including the Bistro Boxes!), and takes Starbucks cards. 

The Chipotle Lover: East Side Dining

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Max Siskind.

Let's face it, we all have this friend, and at times we all are this person. The "OH MY GOD I LOVE CHIPOTLE" vine is reminiscent of us all. If your friend is craving a big burrito bowl and some tasty pico, Southwest at East Side Dining is the place to go. They have all the toppings, and yes, just like Chipotle, guac is extra. Finding a place to eat at SBU that your friend will love should be easy with this choice.

The Health Nut: HDV/GLS Center

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Julia Khval

With pizza and French fries running rampant throughout college campuses, it's no wonder that your friend visiting might be craving something healthier. With Jamba Juice and Sandella's right in our own HDV/GLS Center, they can easily get that fix. Your friend can grab an Apple n' Greens smoothie and a Provolone and Veggie panini and feel great about their choices.

The Foodie Friend: Jasmine

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Julia Khval

For those of us willing to splurge, Jasmine is great place to take your friend who's visiting. They have a plethora of choices for asian food, such as customizable poke bowls and sushi burritos, bibimbap, and even Korean and Indian food brought to us by New York City restaurant owners. For dessert, Jasmine Tea House offers a large variety of different teas and bubble teas, with exotic flavors such as lychee and taro, along with macarons from Macaron Cafe.

The Religiously Mindful Friend: East Side Retail

For those who have religious dietary restrictions, Stony Brook University offers options where there is no stress in finding food that is acceptable. Halal at East Side Retail has fresh and warm Naan (made right in front of you!) and Samosas, as well as rice bowls and mango lassi.

Carlos and Gabby's, a kosher Mexican eatery, also located in East Side Retail has burgers, wings, chicken fingers and best of all, burritos. Both of these choices are delicious for anyone, regardless of whether or not they have any eating restrictions.

The New York City Lover: SCGP

For some reason, this location seems to be less well known. Housed on the second floor of the Simon's Center of Geometry and Physics, a beautiful new glass building, the Simon's Center Café is the perfect breakfast and lunch eatery.

The menu is crafted by chef Paolo Fontana and is posted on their Facebook page daily. It is more upscale than the other dining locations and has entrees such as organic egg sandwiches, duck breast with sweet potato puree and pistachio pesto, as well as delicious seven layer cookies. If your friend loves New York City restaurants and pastries, this is the place to take them.

No matter which friend is on their way to visit you, there's a way to please them with your choice of eatery on campus. There is something for everyone, from burritos to sushi to wraps to macarons. The food options at Stony Brook are just as diverse as the student body, and even if a friend isn't visiting you right now, checking them out for yourself to find a new favorite is great idea.