Valentine's Day; it's that lovey dovey day that's smacked right in the middle of the month that we all know and love as February. While some people are going out for the day, others aren't, and that's totally fine. But, if you are going out, now's the time to make your Valentine's Day reservations via OpenTable's service, and I'll show you why.

What to know

The thing with OpenTable is that they have a bunch of insights for me to share with you. Below, here's what you should and need to know:

First insight: We want romance, but aren’t willing to put in the effort.

Yikes. The thing is, February 4th is expected to be the most popular day of the year to book Valentine’s Day reservations according to OpenTable -- a mere 10 days before the holiday... talk about insanity. Did you know that 70 reservations are booked every minute on the lead-up to the holiday beginning on February 4? That's more reservations than there are seconds in a minute. When it really matters, though, OpenTable found that nearly three quarters (74%) have procrastinated making Valentine’s reservations. Nearly half (48%) of married people have to be reminded to book reservations and that number goes up to almost 60 percent for actively-dating singles.

Second insight: Single? Wait until a week out from Valentine’s Day to guarantee a date.

Here's the thing; when it comes to respondents who identified as “single,” 75% desire romance, but they are not willing to commit to a Valentine’s Day date ahead of time.... like me; hence why I'm still upping my Bumble game. Another cool fact is that 39% of people do not want to accept a Valentine’s Day invitation more than two weeks in advance, as they are waiting for better options; which is why I turned my initial invitation down, besides the person being overly clingy and cringe-worthy. Just as a heads up, the top 5 best Valentine’s Day dinner planners in the U.S. tend to be named Michael, David, John, Robert and Chris; very specific, but ok.

What else is there to know?

If you're wondering how to have a fun night out, according to OpenTable, here's how:

Embrace your early bird or your night owl; the most popular time for dinner reservations that utilize OpenTable's service is 7pm; so aim for either 6pm or 9pm, as for it allows for you to enjoy your meal and get into that restaurant that you've been eyeing.

You don't need to enjoy a 20-course tasting menu to have a good time; most people tend to go to upscale restaurants for Valentine's Day, which makes sense; in fact, there's a 228% spike in reservations for said upscale restaurants. You can always save the tasting menu for another day, as for you could opt for your favorite go-to spot.

Try something new; when it comes to reservations, American cuisine is the most popular choice for OpenTable diners. There's a whole bunch of other cuisines to try when making a reservation, so go for one of those.

Go on a double date; the thing is, last year, 83% of Valentine's Day reservations that were made using OpenTable's services were made for two people... so needless to say, get some friends together and make it a double date.

Going out on Valentine's Day might seem a bit cliche, but who knows; you might actually fall in love with whomever it is that you're going out with, cause you know... love wins.