Beer; it's probably the official drink of any and all tailgates worldwide, in addition to being a light drink to consume when you're out at the bar, watching football, or just kicking it back with your friends. No two beers are exactly the same, which is something that I've learned the easy way. On the topic of beers, Sam Adams has a brand new one that's out on the market, and having tried it myself, it's quite light and amazing; so, with that said, here's what you need to know about Sam Adams' new beer, Cold Snap.

Cold Snap itself:

Liz Abere

First brewed back in 2014 and with a recipe revamp in 2019, Cold Snap is a white ale with a signature blend of 10 different spices. The 10 different spices include orange zest, vanilla, lemon zest, coriander, rose hips, hibiscus, powdered plum, grains of paradise, anise and tamarind. When tasting the beer for yourself, it goes down smoother than the average river, is light, and you're definitely able to taste and smell the orange zest and vanilla in the beer, again... for yourself. 

In the aroma of Cold Snap by Sam Adams, you're able to smell zesty orange with sweet vanilla, with a touch of balance of fruit, floral, spice and black pepper; which is something that you especially experience on the palate, too. Cold Snap by Sam Adams is best enjoyed when it's cold outside like it is now, and take that from someone that's had the beer outdoors... with cheese platters, finger foods, and all the s'mores a person could ask for; all while cuddling up with Sam Adams blankets and playing human sized versions of one's favorite games. 

What else is there to know?

Liz Abere

If you're a major beer fan, then maybe you'll understand the following better than I do, but the malt varieties of the beer include Sam Adams two-row pale malt blent and Malted Wheat, while the hop varieties include Hallertau Mittlefrueh Noble hops. Cold Snap by Sam Adams has 10 IBUs... whatever that means, a golden hazy color to it, and an alcohol by volume level of 5.3%.

In terms of food pairings, Cold Snap by Sam Adams pairs well with barbecue wings and ribs, lamb kebabs, chicken meatballs, lobster rolls, warm white bean chili and chicken tacos (aka a personal favorite of mine... especially when at the bar). 

When it comes to pricing of the bear, Cold Snap by Sam Adams is available nationwide from late December through March in 6-packs for SRP of $9.99, 12-packs (bottles and cans) for SRP of $17.99 and on draft. The beer's also available in the Samuel Adams Spring Variety Bottles and Spring Can Mix Pack 12-packs (alongside an all-new style for the season, Mountain Berry) for SRP of $17.99.

While the available timeframe for Cold Snap by Sam Adams is nearly halfway through, it's still not too late to try the beer for yourself. The nice thing is, there's even going to be a tap room that's full of Sam Adams beer for you to try, so it's not so-long forever; just after March in stores.