The long-anticipated sequel to the classic 90s sitcom is set to premiere on February 26, 2016. Oh, mylanta, you read that right. But a new show would obviously be nothing without the perfect snack, so choose yours here.

Uncle Jesse – Bagels and luscious lox

Photo by Devon Flinn

You’ll be saying “have mercy” when you bite into a bagel as incredible as Uncle Jesse’s prized hair. Eating fish like salmon, which is chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids will give your hair a nice luster, just like Jesse’s.

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Joey Gladstone – “Cut it out” cereal

Photo by Lawrence Yu

On a Sunday morning when watching a classic TV show like The Ranger Joe Show, Popeye, or Fuller House, cereal is simply a must. Bring back your childhood with Lucky Charms and Reese’s Puffs, or put a healthy twist on your bowl with Cheerios or Kashi Go Lean. Just make sure that whatever you do, you only pour your milk into the cereal.

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Stephanie Tanner – “How rude”-abaga

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Make the classic comfort food, mashed potatoes, but switch it up and use rutabaga in honor of Steph’s catchphrase: “how rude!” Enjoy this delicious and nutritious veggie with this simple recipe for mashed rutabaga.

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DJ Tanner – “Woah baby” carrots

Photo by Kendra Valkema

Baby carrots are one of the simplest healthy snacks but eating these super foods with hummus (try it homemade), ranch (obviously the best condiment), or even plain will have you saying “woah baby.”

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Michelle Tanner – Dark Chocolate

Photo by Amanda Shulman

You should just eat all of the chocolate as you cry about the fact that the Olsen twins decided to not return to reprise their role as the youngest Tanner sister. You’ll be saying “aw nuts” when you see the rest of the gang without her, but a great snack like this dark chocolate pistachio bark will be there to save the day because it does, in fact, have the power to boost your mood and you’ll be back to saying “you got it dude” in no time.

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Danny Tanner – “What’s goin’ on” your sandwich

Photo by Nicole Lacasse

There’s an infinite number of options. You could try anything from mini cheesecake cookie sandwiches to peanut butter bacon sandwiches to a pizza panini. Don’t forget to make it the way Danny would want: with a clean knife for each condiment.

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Kimmy Gibbler – Smarties

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Prove DJ right that Kimmy isn’t an airhead and eat some Smarties. If you eat enough, you might even get a sugar rush to make you as loopy as Kimmy.

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Aunt Becky – Coffee

Photo by Jennifer Cao

There’s no way to say good morning quite like coffee, so greet the Fuller House premiere the way Becky used to greet San Francisco.

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Steve Hale – Everything but the kitchen sink milkshake

Photo by Jayna Goldstein

Steve was infamous for chowing down on anything he could find and emptying the Tanner family’s fridge. In the spirit of Steve, eat anything and everything you can find. Try this kitchen sink milkshake to really pack in a wide variety.

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Once all your food is made, sit down and “watch the show, huh!” and celebrate the return of your second family.