Whether you agree with the four-letter result you got from the notorious Myers-Briggs personality test or not, you have to admit the results can be fun. And because these results are so entertaining, it’s easy to compare you to anything, even chain restaurants.

Before we start comparing your personality to a place that’s known for its hamburgers or its buffet, we must remind you of what the letters mean. First, there’s E and I. E’s are extroverted and love a huge dinner party, while I’s are introverted and love to dine with one (or none).

Next, there’s S’s and N’s. S’s are our friends who’d prefer to stick to a familiar recipe, while the intuitive N’s often lean towards something outside-the-box. Then, there’s thinking T’s and feeling F’s. Our T friends may prefer to eat when it’s logical to do so, while our F’s are more likely to “eat their feelings.” Finally, there are our J’s who enjoy having a set meal plan, while our P’s who love having lots of options.

Ultimately, this test gives you a letter from each of the four dichotomies. If you’ve already taken the test, you’re golden. If not, click here to find out your results. 

To see what restaurant we’ve paired you with, keep reading.

ESTJ — Buffalo Wild Wings


Photo courtesy of @bwwings on Instagram

This restaurant is full of energy and action, and so are you! The sound of people cheering during the game, combined with the challenge of devouring those blazin’ hot buffalo wings resembles your personality a lot. Plus, you’re often the decision maker of your group, and BW3s is probably your pick when you and your friends just can’t decide where to eat.

INFP — Skyline Chili


Photo courtesy of @officialskylinechili on Instagram

We respect your type for being in your own world, just like Skyline, as most of its locations are pretty central to Cincinnati. People tend to view your ideas as unrealistic at first, but learn to love them later — like how people outside the Midwest likely don’t think of pasta and chili together as a meal, but fall in love when they finally get that first bite.

ESTP — Chili’s


Photo courtesy of @chilis on Instagram

Chili’s spends a lot of time on our television screens, our spotify playlists, and all over the internet, advertising its latest dish and menu idea. Similarly, you love to promote yourself and your successes. You might find yourself going to networking events so that people can know about you, your business plans, and the energy you put into everything you do. 

INFJ — In-N-Out Burger


Photo courtesy of @theswolebarbie on Instagram

People see you as very communicative. But in all honestly, you’re one of the most introverted people they’ll ever meet. Because your personality is pretty much a dichotomy in itself, this half-wrapped hamburger is very much like you. That burger tastes great at first bite, and to enjoy the burger fully, you have to be patient. Once people can digest all you have to offer, they’ll (hopefully) get to enjoy what you hide.

ESFP — Hard Rock Cafe


Photo courtesy of @hardrockcafe on Instagram

You often see life as the chance to entertain. This restaurant has some great eats, but it’s not all about the food — it’s more about the music and its history than anything. This restaurant is out there, and it wants to be remembered just like you (hence the collectible tees they sell in each city). Hopefully one day, people will look at your on-stage charisma the way they look at Hard Rock’s nachos.

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INTJ — Chipotle


Photo courtesy of @chipotlemexicangrill on Instagram

Life to you is all about being able to play around with innovative possibilities and variables. In the land of guac, everything is pretty much about just that — being a step ahead, making everything work, offering what solves everyone’s problems, and providing tons of combinations. The latest customer may have invented a bowl of their own with sofritas and sour cream, but you can totally invent something better by adding something as simple as mild salsa.

ESFJ — Chick-fil-A


Photo courtesy of @chickfila on Instagram

You’re likely popular because you’re helpful, normal, current, and conscientious. You’re kind, and likely to do what others want first. This chain serves everyone’s beloved chicken and fries, along with many other simple food options. (Minus their views on obvious social issues), this restaurant tends to treat their customers with the utmost respect, which creates the same kind of laid-back vibe you give off. To you, life is all about being friendly, being helpful, and doing what is right — just like Chick-fil-A.

INTP — Starbucks


Photo courtesy of @starbucks on Instagram

To you, life’s not about being a social butterfly or conformity. From your perspective, life is about exploring ideas in your mind, and in order to do this, you must spend some time on your own. Starbucks (if you forget the crowd of fashionistas waiting in line for caramel macchiatos) is all about giving people a place to be on their own, so they can write, solve crossword puzzles, and get cerebral tasks done. While the people coming in are draining, the coffee gives energy life no other.

ENFP — Cheesecake Factory


Photo courtesy of @cheesecakefactory on Instagram

Sometimes your ideas are so big, and you have so many that it’s hard to even finish one task. You are smart, gregarious (at times), creative, and innovative. These are all good strengths, but you tend to pile so many things that it’s hard to finish what you start. Why does this make you like Cheesecake Factory? Because the portions are pretty large, and it’s likely more than half the plate will get untouched.

ISTJ — Friendly’s


Photo courtesy of @champagnentacos on Instagram

Life is exhausting, and you crave simplicity. Friendly’s is generally a pretty simple place with a quiet atmosphere and well-known foods, like milkshakes, burgers, and more. This is perfect for you because you and your friends can eat in this low-key environment without any tiring menu ideas that don’t make sense.

ENFJ — Golden Corral


Photo courtesy of @goldencorral on Instagram

Life is often pretty hectic for you because you make it be that way. While it’s great that you are willing to help as many people possible at a moments notice, the needs of others are a lot to take on. Because of your choice to help all, you must offer options that please everyone.

GC, like you, brings out the best in people and has food that any person can happily help themselves to. If one friend wants mac and cheese for dinner — they’ve got it. If another friend wants steak and salad — they’re golden.

ISTP — The Melting Pot


Photo courtesy of @themeltingpot on Instagram

A meal at this place functions in a simple, technical manner: start with your cheese fondue, add some greens with your salad, enjoy your entree, then indulge in a chocolate heaven. You are one who has a lot of energy, like a melting pot, and you like to do things in a specific order. To you, life is best when there’s no bullsh*t. This restaurant definitely meets those expectations.

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ENTP — Shake Shack


Photo courtesy of @shakeshack on Instagram

Your ideas start out good, but often end up small at the start. These ideas are quite conceptual, and tend to be best understood in big, high-energy cities like New York. Shake Shack is similar to other shake, burger, and fry restaurants, but is obviously a step ahead of the game like you are. Rather than making the shakes with ice cream, they’re made with frozen custard, and to make the burgers as awesome as they can be, they’re made without GMOs.

ISFJ — Bob Evans


Photo courtesy of @bluemartiniphoto on Instagram

Life is all about being there if anyone ever needs you, and if they do, you’ll kindly help them. When they come to your house, they’ll notice that it is very classic, simple, organized and quiet. Bob Evans is sort of like this in a sense that their food is simple, hits the spot, and can be enjoyed in a quiet environment. Just like you’re there if ever needed, Bob Evans is always there at almost every highway exit for those who just need a little breakfast (or brunch).

ENTJ — Panera Bread


Photo courtesy @panerabread on Instagram

People like you are great at making thoughtful decisions, and this better-than-fast-food place allows you to carefully decide between soups, salads, and sandwiches. It’s better to eat here than a deli because it offers more innovative sandwiches, and you always like to see companies thinking bigger and better. On top of this, food is served fast here, which is perfect for your busy work life.

ISFP — Olive Garden


Photo courtesy of @olivegarden on Instagram

You’re obsessed with creating things that please peoples’ hearts because you’re so in touch with your senses. People like you are often found in careers like the arts, or in other creative fields. The names of items on this chain’s menus are quite aesthetically pleasing, the plates are beautiful, and the meals themselves taste like an artist made them. Like, who else would think of an idea quite as awesome as the Piadina?