So here’s what’s been happening…

Kool-Aid Man Remodeled

One of our favorite icon personals will no longer be a man hidden within a large, puffy foam suit. The new Kool-Aid man will be a computer animated pitcher with a personality driven towards education and other likable qualities, rather than the ninja-esque muscle man with the one liner “OH YEAAHH!” The brand hopes to make its leading man more relatable to customers through presentation of day-to-day activities, such as heading out of the home in a rush to catch a train to work.


IHOP has recently added brioche French toast to its already extravagant breakfast heaven of a menu. The company calls this newest creation-to-be “the next generation of French toast”, saying that the vanilla batter base complements three delightful and fruity options perfectly. The three slices are prepared with three possible toppings: Bananas Foster, Berry Berry (a mix of blueberry and strawberry) and Peaches & Cream with honey-roasted pecans on top. Okay, you can stop drooling now.

Chili’s Adds Pizza to Menu

Time to break out of your Giordano’s rut. Chili’s is now offering four 9-inch personal pizzas: pepperoni, five cheese, Southwestern chicken and taco. The five cheese consists of mozzarella, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Monterey Jack and Parmesan with green onions and tomatoes on top. The Southwestern chicken is prepared with chile-chicken bits, pesto, chipotle, the first four cheeses from the five cheese pizza, onions, peppers and pico de gallo. The taco pizza has beef chunks, salsa, cumin-lime sour cream, onions, the same four cheeses, cilantro and pico de gallo. Sounds intriguing, but proceed with caution and split with a few friends. Each individual pie clocks in at around 1500 calories.

Get A Buzz Without the Alcohol

Published on Monday in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, new research states that the mere taste of alcohol triggers dopamine release and elevates mood. Participants demonstrated in the relative study that the taste of beer, rather than a Gatorade sports drink, was linked to higher dopamine levels in the brain within 15 minutes of drinking (not nearly enough time for alcohol to kick in). While the effects of alcohol do enhance a buzz, you don’t always need to imbibe tons of booze to enjoy the perks. So, try some beer flavored candies or a root beer float for an instant mood boost.

Omni Hotels & Resorts’ Signature Sauce

Diners at restaurants in Omni Hotels & Resorts will have the luxury of adding a bit of a signature Umami sauce to complement their dishes. Umami sauce possess a tangy, salty, slightly sour flavor and is said to be a mix between ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Loaded with spices, vinegar, mushrooms, coffee, onions, garlic, tamarind, chili peppers, clove, tomatoes, molasses and yeast, Umami is definitely not your average, boring dressing. Bottles may be purchased at the hotels for $9.99. If we’ve got your mouth watering, head to the hotel’s website and find a location near you.

Budweiser Launches Bow Tie Can

Now beer can give you a slimming hourglass figure? Yeah, that’s stretching it…but Budweiser will be releasing its new bow tie-shaped cans on May 6th to appeal to a younger crowd of beer lovers. The product remains the same, but the can will contain only 11.3 oz of beer, as opposed to the standard 12 oz can. These new beer cans may be sold in eight-packs and are easy to hold and trendy in design. For those of you who cannot bear to lose that last .7 oz of beer, don’t worry, the regular Budweiser cans will still be offered.

George Clooney’s Special Tequila

Casamigos tequila is Clooney’s newest project…acting, drink production…he does it all. Working with partner and friend Rande Gerber, Clooney has created this blanco tequila, which features sweet, vanilla notes that warm the palate. The bottle is just as appealing as the flavor and is gaining great publicity. To view its commerical with Cindy Crawford click here.


For fun: This is Donald Trump’s 7-year-old son’s favorite moisturizer to use nightly head-to-toe. The main ingredient? Caviar… Yeah.