I don't want to sound like grumpy cat and spread hate, but holidays, especially Valentine's Day, can be quite annoying even if you are not single. First of all your, mailbox is going to explode with all the Valentine's wishes and sales to get you buy some presents for your beloved ones. Second of all, everyone keeps asking you what your plans are for that special day and look quite disappointing when the only thing you are planning is staying in the library to get work done: ITS A WORKING TUESDAY! No wonder if I want to go home in the evening and just lay down on my couch, order some pizza instead of a full two hour make-over to go for a fancy dinner. 

To be less dramatic, I quite like the idea of a day where you tell your friends and family that you love them, give and get flowers (I LOVE LOVE FLOWERS). It's just the idea that you have to do something that keeps me annoyed and makes me wanna escape from all these expectations. Here are my top picks for what to do in London on Valentine´s Day to forget about Valentine´s Day: 

Avoid Valentine's the Hardcore Way:

The 160ft London O2 Arena Bungee Jump will definitely make you forget about Valentine's Day — most likely you will question why you are actually doing this and if you gonna survive. Tandem jumps are available too, but we don't want that do we?

The Cute Way:

Visit the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. You can pre-book tickets to last-years successful Feeling-lonely event (sounds quite ironic to cuddle cats on a feeling-lonely event). Enjoy some champagne and cake whilst cuddling those cute little fur balls. 

The Cultural Way:

London is full of museums and galleries — right now the Pace Gallery is showing an interactive light exhibition for free. Try to book some tickets online or visit the gallery directly to get in. Other museums are worth a visit too; Tate Modern is currently exhibiting THE RADICAL EYE: MODERNIST PHOTOGRAPHY FROM THE SIR ELTON JOHN COLLECTION. 

The Foodie Way

Book yourself into a cooking class! The Neal’s Yard Dairy’s Cheesemaking Fundamentals class will teach you how to make your own cheese. You’ll learn about the key ingredients and methods involved in domestic cheesemaking; you'll even get to bring home your own cheese. If you'd prefer your own made product to be more fluid, then brew your own beer - actually you will brew more than 20 litres at the London Beer Lab (LBL) in Brixton.

The Active Way:

Go to a gym, now. It's middle of February and if you have not started with your 'New Year New Me' resolutions, V-Day might be a good occasion to get your motivation going. The Brix is offering self defense courses in Krav Maga, made up of a variety of techniques from boxing, Judo and wrestling. If you prefer to get muddy and screamed at sign up for the Military Boot Camp in Hyde Park.

The Lazy Way:

One word: Snuggie. If you don't already have one, get it — you will love it! This blanket with sleeves will keep you so warm whilst eating your family-sized pizza on the couch and watching Netflix. Oh yes, that sounds like an amazing Valentine's Day to me!