Copper Cow Coffee was founded by Debbie Wei Mullin, a Vietnamese American woman with a passion for Vietnamese culture, coffee, and sustainability. However, one of their many specialties is the Vietnamese pour-over coffee. 

The concept of Vietnamese coffee dates back to the region's first introduction to coffee in the 1800s, according to salon. Soon after its introduction, coffee became a massive export for the country. Around the same time, a limited dairy industry lent itself to the use of sweetened condensed milk. 

Apart from its aesthetic appeal and commitment to sustainability, Copper Cow also boasts a major convenience factor - the pour-over coffee is available for purchase in bundles or through their monthly Coffee Club subscription service.

For the purpose of this review, I was able to get my hands on The Classic flavor as well as the Lavender Latte. Each Copper Cow pour-over pack is also accompanied by individual packets of sweetened condensed milk made in California.

Sophia Zimmerman

New to the business of pour over coffee, I was shocked at the simplicity of the process. The directions are provided on the Copper Cow Coffee website as follows:

1. Hang the filter over your cup.

2. Wet grounds with hot water and wait 15 sec. 

Sophia Zimmerman

3. Fill up water 2x with hot water. 

4. Add creamer and stir. 

5. Serve over ice & enjoy!

Sophia Zimmerman

Overall, I was very impressed by the quality of the product. The floral notes in the Lavender Latte were just strong enough to shine while complementing the boldness of the coffee and smoothed by the innate sweetness of the condensed milk. The Classic was as expected; similar to a classic, strong cup of drip coffee, but made sweeter with the milk. 

At approximately $2 for The Classic and $3.40 for the Lavender Latte per cup, these pour over packs are a bit more expensive than other alternatives, but still cheaper than certain coffee shops. Despite the price point, in my opinion, they are both worth incorporating into your mornings. Especially when you feel like switching things up and treating yourself to a cup of coffee fancier than your typical option.