What is America’s obsession with turning future presidential candidates into food? The man known for his catchphrase, “You’re fired,” as well as his stark opposition to anything “non-American,” has been turned into several tasty and delicious treats.

Now there has, no doubt, been a lot of focus on Donald Trump and interesting memes made since the 69-year-old millionaire entered the presidential race. But nothing as good has come out of it as this website, www.trumplings.com.

Yes, that’s right, a graphic designer based in New York City has created a website that features Donald Trump’s face on dumplings. The site’s creator, Adam Parker, launched the page just a few weeks ago. Now, the site has more than 100,000 page views, which Parker says he’s not surprised about.

Donald Trump

Photo courtesy of trumplings.com

Parker, 26, is the former creator of “Mittballs,” which, as the name suggests, features the face of 2012 republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on meatballs [the original domain from 2011 has expired, however, Parker has restored the site here].

This year, friends encouraged him to create another site for the 2016 presidential election. Parker says that when he first launched www.trumplings.com in the middle of December, it didn’t get much attention.

So friends gave their time to the project, helping to create better GIFs, find some good sound bites, and more. When the new and improved site re-launched on January 17, it began taking off. 

“I posted it on Reddit, and it was getting like 20,000 views,” Parker says.

The site is still simple. Open the page and a number of Trumps fall into a dumpling steam basket. Hit the ‘one more’ button, and another Trump will fall from the top of the screen with a quote, such as “we need to build a wall!” or “I beat China all the time!” and “They’re laughing at us!”

Accompanying the dumplings are disembodied heads of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who drops down to endorse her equally as eccentric fellow Republican. Dropped enough Trumps and Palins? Click the “get ‘em outta here” button and they disappear.

Donald Trump

Photo courtesy of trumplings.com

In an interview, Parker notes his intention for the site is to provide the perfect respite for those who have no intention of voting for Donald Trump, and instead would like nothing better than to drop his lumpy head onto a pile of other lumpy Trump heads. Parker said that after living in Vermont for a number of years during and after college, he has come to know Bernie Sanders as the best candidate in the running.

Furthermore Parker states, “If there’s any political statement that can be made from www.trumplings.com, it is what a joke [the Trump] campaign is.”

Now, as for what’s next for Adam Parker, he is not exactly sure. In an interview, he states, “I’m not sure I could stomach another [presidential food meme]… Although Bloomberg could prove an interesting subject. Shroomberg? Blooming onion? I’m open to suggestions.”

Well, we hope this legendary graphic artist is not done yet as the politician food memes are endless. I personally would like to take in the elections with a nice chilled “Hiller lite” (Hillary miller lite beer). Or even try some warm tasty “bushcuit rolls” (Jeb Bush biscuit rolls) and delicious “bushssel sprouts” (Jeb Bush brussel sprouts).

Those interested in making suggestions to Parker can tweet at him @theadamparker.

Now, as we continue into the 2016 presidential election, let me suggest we take a shot of “Cruz booze” from the “Hillary distillery” to prepare for what’s about to come.