My story starts like all the other stories: My friend and I decided to go vegan together for the whole quarter. We were motivated by the fact that if we were vegan, the number of earths that would support people like us would be 2.5, compared to the 5.7 earths if we were not vegan. So one day, I thought "Lets go vegan. It's not that hard." Oh how I was so wrong...

Day 1

I knew that the hardest thing for me will be leaving ice cream, so I found a vegan alternative for my sweet tooth in our dining halls known as the vegan brownie. The second thing I needed to plan was where I was going to eat vegan food on campus. Luckily, UCLA has wonderful options but because I almost never eat during the dining hall periods, I had to find vegan options at  the take out dining. 

On the first day, I had time to try some vegan dishes in the dining halls but nothing looked appealing to me or filled me up. I found myself starving when I was in class. At this point, I knew this was going to be a long quarter.

Day 2

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I realized that if I was going to get through this, I needed to find dishes that I liked and would fill me up. That's when I found the peanut butter and oats smoothie and the egg plant and tofu bowl at a take out dining at UCLA. They were the only two things that would actually fill me up. This was when I found my routine, the only dishes I would be eating for the "rest of the quarter". 

Day 3

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I was eating my routine food which was not "too bad." I called my friend to see how he was doing and he said he feels he is eating healthier. Honestly, I did not feel healthier since I was eating a bunch of sugar from the smoothie and oil from the bowl but I did feel less tired during the day. I thought "maybe veganism isn't as bad as everyone makes it seem."

Day 4

I felt the same as Day 3. 

Day 5

This was the day that everything started to fall apart. I was tired of having the same two dishes everyday and at this point, I started bingeing on chips and candies at night. I had to find something else if I was going to continue this diet for the rest of the quarter. 

Day 6

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Today I decided to try the vegan BBQ beef brisket. My comfort food are sandwiches and I was missing my favorite sandwich on campus: the BBQ beef brisket. I heard that the vegan option was not too bad so I gave it a shot. It did not live up to it's far better original BBQ beef brisket. For dinner, I made time to eat at an actual sit down dining hall. I decided to go to our healthier dining hall to avoid temptation but it did not help. They were having lamb chops and shrimp pizza and none of their sweet breads were vegan. I ended up eating some green beans, rice and some fruit and leaving very disappointed and hungry.

Day 7

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The day I decided to break the diet- I had the vegan peanut butter smoothie and the vegan BBQ beef brisket. I felt hungry after both meals and I got irritated easily during the day. I missed ice cream and meat, and I did not want to feel hungry anymore. I called my friend and I told him "I give up." I was over eating the same foods everyday and I just wanted some good LA food because to be honest, the vegan food on campus was not as good as the actual food. I said good bye to that diet and never looked back. 


I could have approached the diet a little better. Maybe instead of eating the same things everyday, I could have tried different dishes but I did not have that freedom to prepare dishes as a first year undergrad student living in the dorms. I still try to eat a vegan meal, or at least a vegetarian meal, once a day, but I really love meat and dairy. My body was just not made for veganism.