With National Cheese Lover's Day being on January 20th, you might be stuck in terms of how to properly celebrate. You could either have cheese on its own, in a meal, or you could pair it with something. In this case, we're going to be pairing different types of cheese with different variations of The GlenDronach's scotch offerings. Let's get started.

The pairings themselves

Dubliner Cheese and The GlenDronach 12

Liz Abere

The cheese combines sharpness and buttery sweetness that lends itself well to the orange, plum, walnut, chocolate and soft spiced oak flavors found in this 12-year-old single malt, matured in sherry casks.

Feta Cheese and The GlenDronach 15 Revival

Liz Abere

Feta’s salty flavor enhances the cherry and dark chocolate mint aromas in this 15-year-old, and complements the notes of honey-glazed apricot, ripe fig and black cherry in the whisky.

Gorgonzola and The GlenDronach 18 Allardice

Liz Abere

The spicy sharpness of this blue cheese provides an excellent contrast to the depth of flavors found in this rich 18-year-old matured in Oloroso class, including allspice, sweet fruit, fudge, and toasted walnut bread.

Goat Cheese and The GlenDronach 21 Parliament

Liz Abere

The gentle creamy goat cheese serves as the perfect backdrop to the bold richness provided by an older Scotch predominantly matured in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, especially when boasting notes of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, oak, berries, and plum pudding. 

With the pairings that are mentioned above, you won't have to be bored with your usual cheese dish on National Cheese Lover's Day. Having tried similar pairings from The GlenDronach in the past, I can honestly say that they don't disappoint; and hey, if you're planning all the way into Valentine's Day, check out their chocolate and scotch pairings for then, too.