You'll meet a lot of people in your first semester, a lot meaning more than the amount of pairs of Lululemon leggings you have. You'll realize that some of them will be your friends and some won't; that's how life goes. But what's more fun than explaining these friends in food?

1. The Girl You Thought You'd be BFFs With = Tequila

water, tequila
Jocelyn Hsu
At first, tequila is a blast. You can let loose, you can party, you can have a good time. Then, it finally kicks in and you realize the world of mistake that you've entered in; you feel awful, you did things you shouldn't have, it wasn't the best call of the night. Ditch the lime and salt and choose another drink.

2. Your Roommate = Pizza

Pizza is yummy. Pizza is good. Pizza is reliable. It's always there for you, during your good times and bad, and is great to celebrate with or wallow with. Sure, sometimes it's too hot and burns your mouth, but it's proven time and again to always be loyal. 

3. Your Fleek Friend = Avocado Toast

bread, vegetable, toast, sandwich
Heather Feibleman

Avocado toast is a staple—it does what it wants, makes people happy and is super trendy. It can be dressed in many different ways, with an egg, with honey, with seeds, or bare, but still manages to look on point every time being a dependable, genuinely tasty meal.

4. That One Kid (you know who I mean) = Green Smoothie

vegetable, herb, spinach, salad dressing, vinaigrette
Rebecca Fu

Green smoothies rarely taste good. They're annoying to drink, you're never really in the mood for it, and it's on trend so it's everywhere. You try different variations of it in hopes that maybe you'll like it, but nope, you just can't put up with it.

5. The Wise Friend = Wine

Wine always knows how to fix a situation no matter the issue. It's aged—it's wise beyond its years—and is always understanding of any issue, big or small. You can count on wine to calm you down and give you the best advice: drink more wine.

6. That Friend From Class = Trail Mix

sweet, candy
Christin Urso
Trail Mix is a mash up of everything. It's a little nutty, a little sweet and a little salty. Sometimes, you pick and choose what you want to eat from the trail mix and then kind of just forget about the rest. But, it's definitely useful to have in your back pocket.

7. The Party Friends = Fries

pasta, macaroni, sauce, penne, cheese, basil, parmesan, vegetable
Chelsea Hawk

Fries come in all different variations like regular, waffle, and sweet potato. You name it, it exists. Fries are always a good time and with so many options, you never get bored. Fries may not be your go-to food all the time, but when it's time to get down, fries are there for the fun.

8. The (Brutally) Honest Friend = Brunch Food

There is an unlimited variety of brunch food. It's never the same when it comes to brunch and you never really know what you're going to get. Plus, brunching is the meal for bitching. Bitching with friends, at friends, to friends. You name it, it's said over a nice brunch. It's always a fun time with brunch food and unexpected comments.

As Finding Nemo once said, "Fish are friends, not food" but it is clear here that fish are friends and food. Food and friendships go hand in hand, and who doesn't enjoy a nice meal with good company? Whether it's first semester of college, first day of grad school or first job, friends may come and go but the good ones always stick around.