No matter where you're from, I'm sure that cookies were a frequent element of the dessert line-up. From grandma's special recipe to Nestle Tollhouse to those frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store, everyone has a personal opinion on the best cookie. 

Cookies are so simple that it's hard to imagine any one bakery making them better than everyone else. However, I think it's the simplicity that makes it so obvious when a certain cookie really is the best around

Prepare your tastebuds because here is a list of the best cookies in America. From the traditional to the wacky, you're going to want to add these bakeries to your bucket list. 

Alabama: Bandit Baking Co. 

A good chocolate chip cookie isn't hard to make. You can get that from store-bought cookie dough. Bandit Baking Co. in Birmingham doesn't make a good dark chocolate and sea salt cookie, though. They make the best cookie. 

Alaska: The Cookie Jar

If you happen to be visiting Fairbanks and in need of the perfect gift, stop by The Cookie Jar. They make cookie bouquets out of several varieties of the classic chocolate chip cookie. If a bouquet is a little too romantic for you, try a cookie gift basket instead. 

Arizona: Super Chunk

Super Chunk's Mesquite Chocolate Chip cookie has won several awards for the best chocolate chip cookie. It's no surprise because they use the highest quality Arizona mesquite flour and couverture chocolate, creating a nutmeg-like deep flavor. 

Arkansas: Kris and Sam's

Little Rock is home to this little box lunch and cookie specialty store, Kris and Sam's. They don't need to serve anything complicated because their unique chocolate no bake cookies alone have kept customers coming back. 

California: Milk Jar Cookies

As with many LA and San Francisco restaurants, Milk Jar Cookie has gained Instagram stardom thanks to their aesthetically pleasing and delicious cookies. Now they ship their cookies, including the adventurous banana split flavor, nationwide. 

Colorado: Victory Love + Cookies

This award-winning Denver bakery has been accumulating best cookie prizes for almost a decade. To get a true taste of a grown-up dessert, try one of their booze infused cookies, like the Bourbon Ginger Ale flavor. 

Connecticut: Sweet Maria's

Italian cookies are often the ugly stepchild of the holiday dessert table, but the thumbprint variety is always the first to go when they're from Sweet Maria's. This bakery is best known for its cakes, but that doesn't mean it can't take the gold for their traditional cookies as well. 

Delaware: Bing's Bakery

Open since 1946, Bing's is Delaware's longest running bakery. After tasting their Butter Cookies straight off the line in Newark, you'll know exactly why people keep coming back for all of their baked goods needs. 

Washington DC: Baked and Wired

You'd never guess that this massively popular Georgetown bakery and cafe is owned by a single family making their own recipes in small batches. You'll need to get a whole box of goodies to try all of Baked & Wired's specialties, but be sure to get at least one Peanut Butter Sin-Wich. 

Florida: Blue Bird Bake Shop

Blue Bird embodies the diverse atmosphere of Orlando by offering a huge variety of baked goods. If I can offer only one recommendation, I'd say go with a classic. They top their chocolate chip cookie with black Hawaiian sea salt that adds the perfect extra punch. 

Georgia: The Cookie Studio

The Cookie Studio, as the name suggests, focuses all of their attention on making the best tasting, unique cookies. I'd say they're doing it just right, after winning first prize for their Butterscotch Oatmeal cookie in several rankings. 

Hawaii: The Cookie Lady Hawaii

In a place where people are usually looking for light, refreshing food, The Cookie Lady convinces everyone that for dessert they just need the best cookie. For an authentic taste of Hawaii, try her Coconut Macadamia Nut cookie. 

Idaho: The Fix

I'm not sure how long they'll be on the menu, so be sure to stop by this Boise bakery to get your Double Peanut Butter Cookie fix ASAP. The Fix's flavor selection may be limited, but their housemade soda and cookie pairings make it worth a special trip. 

Illinois: Sweet Mandy B's

For a bakery to last so long in the heart of Chicago, they have to be good. I guess that's why Sweet Mandy B's Ranger Cookies are everyone's favorite. They're stuffed with all the goods, including coconut, oats, and chocolate chips. 

Indiana: The Quirky Feather Confectionary

The Quirky Feather, located in Carmel, cranks out all kinds of sweets and pastries that can be enjoyed alongside a nice cup of tea in the perfectly decorated and laid back cafe. Try a Caramel-Stuffed Brown Sugar cookie when it's available. 

Iowa: The Bake Shoppe

If you're ever in Des Moines, this bake shop, tucked away in a strip mall, is a must-visit destination. Pick up some of their monster flavor for the cookie monster in your life. They're packed with chocolate chips, M&M's, and oats. Basically the oatmeal raisin cookie we can all get on board with. 

Kansas: Connie's Cookies By C&J

If you're a dedicated chocoholic, you need to stop by Connie's Cookies in Overland Park. The name chocolate chocolate chip doesn't even do the deep, rich flavor justice. They also make an even better version of that frosted sugar cookie you always begged for in the grocery store. 

Kentucky: Please and Thank You

This bakery's classic chocolate chip cookie has won several awards. Thanks to Please and Thank You's creative thinking, you can buy a batch of the famous cookie dough and bake it yourself for warm gooey cookies on your couch in less than 20 minutes. 

Louisiana: Willa Jean

This New Orleans restaurant bought itself Instagram fandom by offering a one of a kind chocolate chip cookie dessert. They serve freshly baked cookies with a glass of milk and a hand mixer blade full of unbaked cookie dough

Maine: Two Fat Cats

I'd be fat too if I stayed around this Portland pie bakery for too long. Their oatmeal cookie with cranberries, apricots, and coconut puts a new twist on the ugly stepchild of the cookie platter, oatmeal raisin. 

Maryland: Otterbein's Cookies

Although these cookies are available to buy across the country, Baltimore is home to the original Otterbein's Cookies. When it first opened in 1881, I'm sure that people flocked for the thin, German sugar cookies that are their top seller today. 

Massachusetts: Flour

Flour Bakery's main website says to eat dessert first and when the desserts are coming from this chain, I'm not going to put up a fight. Make sure to stop by anytime you're near Boston for homemade Oreos

Michigan: Zingerman's Deli

When it first opened in 1982, Zingerman's customers picked up a cookie or two on the side of the deli's high quality meats and cheeses. Now, people are stopping by just for baked goods, like their Funky Chunky Chocolate cookie with toasted walnuts. 

Minnesota: Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

This cookie bakery's namesake, Martha has been selling her famous chocolate chip cookies for over 30 years.

The official Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar storefront has grown from a single booth to several buildings at the Minnesota State Fair. Even so, there's always a long line for a signature bucket of cookies fresh out of the oven. 

Mississippi: Chucklet and Honey Southern Bakery

The name Chucklet and Honey Southern Bakery hints at this place's southern comfort-inspired baked goods. They offer a 2 ounce chocolate chip cookie loaded with several undisclosed secret ingredients that you can order by mail. 

Missouri: Winslow's Home

St. Louis is home to Winslow's Home, the best place in Missouri to get cookies with brunch. I have to recommend the classic chocolate chip cookie here because it was voted one of the top five in the country by Food and Wine. 

Montana: Wild Crumb

Wild Crumb proves that a good bakery can exist anywhere, including a tiny town like Bozeman, with their orange espresso molasses ginger cookie. It's a mouthful to say and your mouth will be full of the whole cookie once you try one bite. 

Nebraska: Carson's Cookie Fix

Whether you're in Omaha or not, you can get your cookie fix from Carson's. Stop by the bakery to try their award-winning Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie, or order it by mail. 

Nevada: Pantry at the Mirage

Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you can grab dessert from Pantry any time of the day.

They're constantly cranking out fresh desserts and breakfast foods made from high quality ingredients, like their gooey chocolate chip skillet cookie. Although the portions are large, you're going to want to save plenty of room.

New Hampshire: The Black Forest Cafe

The homey feel of this Amherst bakery goes perfectly with their freshly-baked, heart-warming pastries and scratch-made comfort foods. No matter why you stop by, you'll want to add at least one giant peanut butter dipped cookie to your order. 

New Jersey: The Corner

This gourmet Montclair cafe's chocolate chip cookies literally have visitors and residents alike lining up at 2:30am. Every day they crank out piping hot 230 Chocolate Chip Cookies that are worth staying up or getting up for. 

New Mexico: Sweet Lily Bakery

Sweet Lily is a boutique bakery and cafe that uses ingredients sourced locally from the Santa Fe area. You'd be surprised to find out that their Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookie is gluten-free, so even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy its rich deliciousness. 

New York: Levain Bakery

Chances are, if you haven't been living under a rock for the past few years, you've seen some Levain Bakery cookie porn on Instagram. They underbake their massive cookies, like the most popular Chocolate Chip Walnut, so they're crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside.

North Carolina: Black Mountain Chocolate Factory

Black Mountain is one of the few winners on this list that isn't a bakery. Obviously, you're going to want to get a Chocolate Chip Cookie when you stop by the Winston-Salem factory. They have several kinds featuring different types of the highest quality chocolate. 

North Dakota: Nichole's Fine Pastry

I guess if you're in North Dakota in the winter, you're going to want some delicious baked goods to keep you insulated. Nichole's Fine Pastry is taking on that job by offering small batch baked goods, including a fantastic gingersnap

Ohio: Pattycake Bakery

Pattycake is a place to go when you want a cookie that's baked with love. The bakery is worker-owned and uses no animal products and almost all organic ingredients. The flavor of the cookies, like the Chocolate XO, doesn't suffer without eggs or butter though.

Oklahoma: Barbee Cookies

This Tulsa bakery probably would've been a go-to for Chandler if it was open when he worked there. They're the original home of the cinnamon roll cookie, so you're going to want to go for one of those. 

Oregon: Lovejoy

If you're ever in Portland, the Oregon one, you're going to want to stop by this quirky bakery that is cranking out sweet and savory creations. Their ginger molasses cookies bring love and joy to everyone who tries one. 

Pennsylvania: Tartes Fine Cakes and Pastries

Tartes has won best bakery in Philadelphia several times, so their goodies have a reputation to uphold. Look for the bright pink storefront whenever you're craving Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, or just about any other baked dessert.

Rhode Island: Wildflour Bakery and Cafe

Although Wildflour is an entirely vegan bakery and cafe, their sweets don't suffer from the restriction. For a gluten-free and vegan cookie with a unique twist from the traditional, try their Double Chocolate Chip with Olive Oil and Sea Salt. 

South Carolina: Sugar Bakeshop

Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston is all about making every small batch perfect. They use fresh and local ingredients to make their menu staples as well as rotating seasonal treats, like their famous gingerbread cookie. It's been called "life changing."

South Dakota: CH Patisserie

You'd never know from the humble front of CH Patisserie in Sioux Falls that the man behind the oven is world champion pastry chef Chris Hammer. His specialty is french pastry, so be sure to try the macarons with innovative flavors like chocolate pretzel or cookies and cream. 

Tennessee: Muddy's Bake Shop

Muddy's is a no-frills bake shop with lots of southern comfort coming out of the oven and in the staff. Everyone's welcome to hang out, especially if you buy a couple of the Memphis locals' favorite Oatmeal Cream Pies. 

Texas: Pondicheri Bake Lab

This place may sound like some mad scientist's experiment, but that just means they're cranking out cookie flavors with brand new Indian-inspired spice combinations. For a little sweet and spicy kick, try their Chocolate Chili Cookies. 

Utah: RubySnap

Although RubySnap's official storefront is in Salt Lake City, they ship their creatively named cookies nationwide.

Every cookie is made with high quality ingredients, but you'll never go wrong with the Frida. It's a spicy chocolate cookie with a chile ganache center and cinnamon-roasted pepitas on top for crunch. 

Vermont: Cookie Love

Whether you're looking for the best frozen cookie dough money can buy or warm, gooey cookies fresh out of the oven, Cookie Love needs to be your destination. Don't let the cute names like "Addicted to Love" (Mocha Chocolate Chip) fool you. These cookies pack massive flavor. 

Virginia: Mrs. Rowe's Bakery

With 60 years under their belt, Mrs. Rowe's has had more than enough time to perfect the recipe for their delicious Maple Walnut cookies, which are best enjoyed with a view of the Shenandoah Mountains. 

Washington: Hello Robin

Robin, this Seattle bakery's namesake, started winning awards for her whoopie pies and other baked goods years before she found a storefront.

Now, it's hard to keep track of the awards and the number of cookies that fly out of the oven every day. Some flavors are traditional, but the Orange Habanero Chocolate Chip is a huge hit, especially when served with ice cream. 

West Virginia: Venerable Bean Bakery

Venerable Bean is a totally vegan bakery inside of Mountain People's Co-Op. They pride themselves in being ingredient transparent. That means that all of the ingredients can be found on the label of every baked good, including their acclaimed 9-inch Vegan Cookie. 

Wisconsin: Graze

I understand that when you get a cookie craving, you want it fast. But a chocolate chip cookie is well worth the wait at Graze in Madison. It'll take ten minutes to bake your cookie to order, but when you dip it in local Sassy Cow Milk, it'll be perfectly gooey and warm. 

Wyoming: Persephone Bakery

In my opinion, the only way to warm up after a few hours on the slopes is to head into town and find a warm drink and comfort food.

Persephone Bakery is the perfect place to do that. Their chocolate chip cookies, especially dipped in hot chocolate, are just the right balance of crunchy outside and gooey inside to get your blood flowing again. 

There are a whole lot of cookies listed here, but I have full faith in your ability to try every single one of these. It's about time for a cross-country road trip fueled purely by cookies. Let the sugar rush begin.