Beyond their badass fitness wear and healthy-ish trail mix aisle, Target is adding to its wellness game. The latest addition: Kombucha. Yeah, you may have been able to buy the booch there before, but now, according to Well + Good, Target is creating its own line of the fermented tea. 

The new Target Simple Balanced Kombucha will come in four different flavors: ginger, mango, blueberry grape, and raspberry, lemon & ginger. The last flavor, a combo of strong antioxidants, sounds like something I might chug in an attempt to avoid the flu this winter. But for real, some studies have shown that fermented foods help promote healthy gut bacteria, which in turn can help boost the immune system. 

Kombucha, however, can get pretty expensive. Target is selling their's for $2.79 per bottle, which luckily, is a bit cheaper than most brands selling it for $3+. Still, drink one of these every day for a month and that's roughly $80. Although, this is Target, so if you're going in, you know by now that you're not just coming out with Kombucha.

You can try the Simply Balanced Kombucha today, but maybe don't literally chug it like I mentioned before—it may do you more harm than good. Ease yourself into drinking Kombucha if you're a new drinker, and if you're seasoned, try to keep your intake of booch below 50 calories a day.