I'm sure you've seen it around campus, or even seen their cooking videos on Facebook, but you're probably wondering, what is Spoon University? Well, to put it simply, Spoon University is a food publication made for college students, by college students.

Our goal is to make food good for college students because, lets face it, we get a pretty bad reputation. Most people our age are known for eating under-cooked ramen and questionable dollar menu items.

So, if you're interested in becoming part of this community, keep reading to see why Spoon FIU is the best fit for your inner foodie.

1. Miami has some pretty bomb food

Miami is best known as the tourist spot in Florida. Not only do we have crazy clubs and beaches, but we have some of the best food around. Whether it's hidden gems or the biggest restaurants out there, there's always something delicious waiting for you. As a Spoon FIU member, you get access to all these restaurants (and sometimes free food), and you get to document all your food experiences there. Along with that, you get to eat some of the most bomb foods in the city, which means you'll always have options.

2. Meet other food lovers just like you

On a local level, you'll be meeting food lovers right here at FIU, and you'll both be able to share the love unapologetically. But, on a global level, Spoon University has 178 chapters all over the world. So even if you're not in FIU, you'll feel the love from the Spoon community wherever you go. This also means you'll get the Spoon University hookups in any city you find yourself. 

3. Pimp out your resume

Writing or shooting for Spoon FIU could really add some bling to your resume. Not only will your work be published on a renowned food publishing site, but your articles could be seen by thousands of people daily. You'll also get experience in writing, marketing, publishing, and TONS of people skills, so run and tell that. 

4. You can take pictures of your food in peace now

There's no judging in the Spoon community. And if anyone asks, you're a member of Spoon, so this is all part of the process. Also, you get to discover all the sweet spots around Miami and have bragging rights.

5. Gain some lifelong #skillz

At Spoon FIU, you'll gain experience in writing, photography, marketing, and making videos, depending on what department you join. Adding to that, you get those communication skills and on top of all that -- and probably the most important one-- cooking skills. We're always coming up with new ways to cook ordinary foods, like making mac n cheese out of squash, and we're always prepared to go to restaurants and document our culinary experiences. 

So, if you're convinced enough, you can apply here and we'll be in touch. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at spoonfiu@gmail.com