Today, Sour Strips is launching two new flavors. The new flavors are actually mash-ups of current flavors to make an exhilarating new flavor combination in every bite. The new Sour Strips come in Appleberry and Doubleberry flavors and both flavors are dubbed “Duos”. In the spirit of Black Friday, All Sour Strips are 10% off when you use code “SOUR”, plus get free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Appleberry and Doubleberry are two new flavor combinations we were not expecting this year. Appleberry, the combination of Green Apple and Strawberry Sour Strips, boasts green and red striping down each delicious candy belt. Doubleberry is our favorite of the two new flavors and features red and blue strips of Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Sour Strips. 

You can buy the new Sour Strips Duos, and all of your other favorite flavors online at starting today. You can buy an 8-pack variety featuring one of each flavor, or purchase your favorite flavors in packs of six. No matter which combo you choose, don’t forget to use code “sour” today only for 10% off your entire purchase. Happy snacking!