Restaurant Week. The (actual) most wonderful time of the year.

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January 12 through the 17 marks the beginning of the winter Restaurant Week with over 50 participating restaurants and set pricing across town. With dinners starting at $28 a pop (with some restaurants offering a two for one pricing — do I sense a date night?) and lunches at $15, it’s hard to NOT make that trip down to Main Street to feel like a real person. Considering that a fancy college night out usually involves a three-course meal at BTB (read: eating three burritos in rapid succession. I’m not proud of this), Restaurant Week is the perfect time to explore some of the best restaurants Ann Arbor has to offer, or even take advantage of the favorites you usually frequent only when your parents are paying.

To help you prepare for this delicious week, we’ve gone ahead and complied a list of some of the most delicious sounding meals. This’ll give you a little bit more time to find your fancy shoes (check under the sofa) and get that suit dry-cleaned.

Pacific Rim

So, downside, this place doesn’t have two-for-one pricing, but oh my god that menu. They offer a three-course meal with options such as Asian-Braised Lamb Shank and Saigon Spring Rolls. Not that I know exactly what that means, but it sounds good. While any other time of the year Pacific Rim is usually out of the college price range, thanks to the set price we have the chance to get a taste of their unique and inspired seafood without breaking the bank account or resorting to peddling our roommate’s stats textbook. Check out their full menu offerings here.

Conor O’Neills

Conor O’Neills is one of the most beloved Irish bars in town, and has a pretty solid selection of courses to choose from. With the added bonus of having two-for-one pricing, this is an ideal place to bring a friend (or a “friend”) for an appetizer and an entrée. Unlike Pacific Rim, Conor O’Neills offers more classic bar food such as Fried Brie and a Guinness and Jameson BBQ Pork Sandwich, with the added bonus of a Beer Sampler if you’re over 21. Check out the rest of the menu here.

Frita Batidos

Oh my god Frita Batidos. From personal experience, after going here once I still have dreams about this place. Most of them are borderline inappropriate. For Restaurant Week, Frita offers a two-for-one lunch and dinner option, which includes two bottles of soda, beer or warmed sangria with each deal. Considering the weather out here (there was a day last week that A2 was literally colder than the North Pole. Seriously, I mean literally as cold as the North Pole), warmed sangria sounds like heaven. Be forewarned, Frita may be a dangerous place to take a date due to how deliciously messy the food can be, but hey, some people are into that. Check out their full menu options here.

… And this is just a small sample of what Restaurant Week has to offer. With prices like these, Restaurant Week is the ideal opportunity to schedule a night on the town and get a little foodie classy. So, while lines are guaranteed to be out the door for most of these places, you gotta be a part of the action. Whether you’re taking someone out on a date or spoiling yourself with some warmed sangria, Restaurant Week cannot be missed.

Eat on, A2.

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