Red Bull; it's that energy drink that most of us have in our college dining halls, and is by far the most popular energy drink that's out on the market. According to my fellow Spooners, Red Bull is by far the best tasting energy drink out of all of the most popular ones that are out on the market; including Monster. However; what would you do if you were stranded on a foreign continent with only Red Bull as your currency? Not sure? Let's discuss more below.

Red Bull as currency?

Liz Abere

Yes; you've heard me correctly. The thing is, Red Bull is challenging college students from almost 60 countries around the world to travel across Europe. The catch: use nothing but cans of Red Bull as currency along the way. It's all part of Red Bull's Red Bull Can You Make It? challenge. I promise, it's so much funner than it sounds. The point of the challenge is that it promises to make this summer the most adventurous yet for 600 lucky students. Teams of three friends will spend their dog days traveling across Europe using cans of Red Bull to barter for food, a place to sleep, transportation and everything in between. Red Bull is providing a whole new perspective on studying abroad. The 200 selected teams will start their journey at one of five different cities throughout Europe, handing over their cash, credit cards and personal phones, before heading to this year’s final destination, Berlin. Red Bull is asking college students to gather a team of three friends, create an up to one-minute-long video explaining why your team should be chosen and submit it at

What else is there to know?

The applicants that will be participating in the challenge will be announced on March 9th, 2020. The deadline to apply for the challenge is February 17th, 2020. On April 21, 2020, the 200 selected teams, chosen from almost 60 countries around the world, will start their journey at one of the five starting points in Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen and Milan. Each team will hand over their cash, credit cards and personal phones and have one week to make it to this year’s final destination, Berlin, which if you ask me, sounds absolutely terrifying; I'd be so lost without my money and my iPhone. Students will be tasked with exchanging cans of Red Bull for everything they need along their journey – from food and a place to sleep, to transportation to the next location and other adventures that make the experience legendary.

If you're wondering how to get involved with Red Bull's challenge, here's what you need to do... so it's time to get sh!t done:

Step one: Gather a team of three friends. Be sure everyone is a current university student. Simple, right? Thought so.

Step two: Create an up to one-minute-long video explaining why your team should be chosen and submit it at no later than February 17, 2020. Be sure to share what makes you stand out. Are you an acrobat? A math whiz? Do you speak a foreign language, or a secret skill no one knows about? These are all traits that make you stand out as the perfect choice to master Europe with nothing more than cans of Red Bull.

Step three: Sit back, relax but…take action! Gather the support of your other friends, family members, and worldwide network, because the teams that receive the most votes from each country will become finalists! After the voting period ends, a panel of judges will select the winners from those top finalists. Finalist teams will then be invited to fly into one of the five Starting Points in Europe to begin their adventure, which will take them far from home, but bring them closer together. Your chance to be one of those teams starts today.

So; does this sound like something that you'd be interested in? If so, head on over to to get started; and since sharing is caring, don't leave your friends behind, cause you'll need them more than ever.