I recently met my aunt for dinner at a local hotspot and she ordered a simple green salad. When it arrived it was overflowing with purple cauliflower. While it gave potentially bland greens a bright pop of color, it made me question the decision to top a basic salad with purple cauliflower, a bold, recent fad within the food industry. 

Just shy of the new year, researchers at Whole Foods declared purple cauliflower as the vegetable to watch out for in 2017. Now this may be an explanation for my recent encounter with this new hue of cauliflower. But what is the reason for this current produce predication? According to Food and Wine, purple shades have been popping up in cereals, potatoes, asparagus and corn. So cauliflower is the next natural target.

With The New York Times specifically recognizing purple cauliflower as the "it" vegetable of 2017, simple salads across the country are about to get a colorful flair.

The hashtag #Purplecauliflower has been used over 11,000 times on Instagram alone. It is obvious that people have been captivated by this lilac cruciferous veggie and for a good reason. According to Food and Wine, purple veggies provide more nutrients than their white counterparts, which can help prevent heart disease and obesity while also decreasing the risk of high blood pressure. There is also a chance that these heart healthy plants may decrease the risk of cancer. 

I went to the supermarket to purchase this coveted veggie for myself, but two grocery stores did not have it. So, were they sold out because word got out about this new craze or do they just not sell them? Jury is still out. 

If you're interested in trying out the latest food trend of 2017, check out this recipe for purple sweet potato pie

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