There's nothing better than a cookie after a long day of classes. After staring at a screen all day long, a buttery cookie can do just the trick to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse released its first ever nut-based flavor: Butter Pecan and I seriously cannot get enough. 

Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Butter Pecan Cookies

Casey Clark

If you don't have time to bake cookies from scratch, there's nothing wrong with grabbing a bag from Pepperidge Farm. The brands Farmhouse line has introduced its first ever nut-flavor and it's scrumptious. 

These thin and crispy Butter Pecan cookies have just the right amount of crunch with each bite. 

Looking to get your hands on these cookies? Pepperidge Farms Butter Pecan cookies are available now for $3.89 at retailers nationwide.