With National Waffle Day coming up on August 24, it's definitely time to start thinking about how to celebrate. Waffles have been making a new name for themselves this year, from crazy waffle cones at places like Eggloo to the giant waffle stacks at Clinton Hall.

In addition to the waffles we can eat out, there are just as many amazing options for when you just want a lazy breakfast in your own home- or when you're stuck going to work and need something more office-friendly (not that giant waffles wouldn't be a great way to make all your co-workers jealous).

Check out below for a list of where to go/what to buy to do National Waffle Day right.

Clinton Hall

This new kid on the block came in quick and hit the ground running. Their waffle creations are over-the-top and amazing, like their Red Velvet waffles sandwiched with ice cream and topped with a slice of red velvet cake. Each concoction is several meals in one and your sweet tooth will love every bite.


This former food market vendor just opened a storefront in NYC and boy are we lucky they did. As they explain it, "We specialize in Hong Kong egg waffles called Gai Dan Jai which translates to 'little eggs' in Chinese."

The waffles are rolled into cones and filled with ice cream because dreams do come true.


Like Eggloo, this Smorgasburg alum creates Hong Kong egg waffles, but their twist is that theirs come in several flavors. They've got coffee, chocolate, matcha and coconut cones in addition to their regular waffle flavor.

They've also teamed with Max and Mina's for some really crazy ice cream flavors like 'Captain Crunch Cookies and Cream' and 'Cotton Candy Pop Rocks'.

Waffle Waffle

These are not your typical grocery store waffles. While Eggos are fun, Waffle Waffle creates inventive and thick Belgian waffle options like chocolate with chocolate chips and cinnamon roll.

They also have breakfast sandwiches for you meat-eaters who want some protein with your carbs.


Stroopwafels are still waffles, right? Well, in my eyes they're honorary waffle family members. These dutch wafels are thin, slightly crispy, and usually filled with caramel. If you're looking for more of a dessert, these are a great option.

They're especially great when you let them sit over a hot cup of tea or coffee and soften before digging in.

Crown Maple Syrup

What are waffles without toppings? Crown Maple takes syrup to the next level, making the choice as complicated as artisanal liquors, but you'll be ok with that.

They've got three different degrees of darkness levels in addition to Applewood Smoked, Madagascar Vanilla Infused, and Cinnamon Infused flavors. With complex flavors like these, your waffles will get an incredibly satisfying upgrade. Aunt Jemima better step up.

Nocciolata Hazelnut Spread

Sometimes you just need some nutty, chocolate-y goodness. This takes Nutella to the next level with options for Dairy Free Cocoa Spread or a Cocoa and Milk choice. Can't go wrong either way though, right?

Halo Top Pancake and Waffles Flavor

And last, but not least, dessert.

Waffles and ice cream are turning into quite the pair? And if you're looking for a healthy, but sweet topping for your waffles, what better way than a protein-packed Pancake and Waffles Flavored Ice Cream?

Plus, ice cream for breakfast is scientifically proven to be good for you, so no need to feel guilty.

Happy National Waffle Day!