Many people feel apprehensive toward and intentionally avoid the concept of LateNight food at the dining commons throughout the course of their college career.  These mouth-watering meals that seem to read your mind as to exactly what you were craving entice you to venture out of your dorm to the buffet line from 9pm to 1am throughout the stressful school week.  Although many look at this event as an unhealthy choice for students to make, I’m laying out the logic as to why regularly attending LateNight can be a great decision (maybe even better than that time you decided last minute to wear a fracket out in the cold).

Photo by Bari Blanga

It satisfies your cravings.

Just when you really need those mozzarella sticks and whoopie pies for survival, they are laying there in all their florescent-lamp glory.

It motivates you to work out more often.

Although this may seem contradictory, frequent outings to the final call for food could actually combat any weight gain from all the tempting fatty choices presented in a row.  Knowing that you’re making a somewhat unhealthy decision might inspire you to hit the gym more regularly to help keep off the calories.

It can solidify friendships.

College provides the opportunity to be exposed to thousands of new people with similar interests to your own.  Take advantage of a potential friendship by inviting someone new to make the trek to the dining hall for food at midnight.  You may even bond over the walk and walking tacos.

Photo by Bari Blanga

It powers you through a long night of work.

All of the assignments and stress can summon an onslaught of fatigue, so grabbing some grub could provide just the sugars and energy you need to make it through your cramming session.

It creates a meal for the next day.

Often times, so many curly fries can fit into the to-go box that leftovers leave you satisfied for the following day.  All you have to do is put faith in the carrying capacity of a Styrofoam container and wait for the clock to strike LateNight.