Munching on potato chips is probably one of my favorite past times. There's nothing that a delicious chip can't fix, even if it's only for a few minutes. Kettle Brand released two new flavors of its Krinkle Cut Potato Chips and you need to try them.

Kettle Brand's NEW Habanero Lime And Truffle & Sea Salt

Kettle Brand's new Krinkle Cut Potato Chips have officially hit shelves at Whole Foods nationwide and you can't miss them. Available in redesigned purple and red packaging, the brands new Habanero Lime and Truffle & Sea Salt flavors are hard to miss. 

Plus, Kettle Brand is bringing back two of its iconic flavors: Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper and Dill Pickle.

Later this winter, Kettle Brands new flavors will be available at retailers including Kroger, Publix and Albertsons in 5oz bags for $2.99 and 8.5oz bags for $3.89..