Chips; they're probably one of the most infuriating products to purchase out on the market. I only say that because most of the time, you pay for a full bag of chips just to get 50% consisting of air and 50% consisting of actual chips. While I'm hoping that this isn't the case with Kettle Brand's new chips, here's what you should know about their two new flavors.

Two new flavors?

Yes; hear me out, they're known as Farmstand Ranch and Parmesan Garlic. While they're two flavors that I initially wouldn't consider trying out, they're so worth it for the overall wellbeing of this article. The difference between the two new flavors is that Farmstand Ranch is made with real cream and parsley and combines the herbaceous, authentic taste of homestyle ranch with the classic Kettle Brand crunch. With a drool-worthy combo of aromatic ingredients, Parmesan Garlic hits the savory spot with its bold bite and flavor.

A nice thing to know about the chips themselves would be that they're gluten free and non-GMO project certified, meaning that even your gluten free friends can indulge in the chips. If we're talking about price, they cost $3.79 for a bag that's 8.5 ounces... and hopefully filled to the rim with product and not with air. 

Now that you know more about the chips themselves, it's time to go get some for yourself when they roll out on store selves in a week or so when the new month of February starts... boy does time fly.