The Super Bowl; it's the biggest game of all-time in terms of how football season goes, and I'm sure that my friend will be bailing on our plans that day just to watch said Super Bowl with some Doritos in hand. Little does my friend know of a company known as Blue Marble that provides bold cocktails in a can, so needless to say, getting drunk during the big game just got so much easier.

What's Blue Marble exactly?

Liz Abere

As I've mentioned in the intro, Blue Marble is a canned cocktail company, and they have a grand total of nine flavors to choose from. All of their canned cocktails have an alcohol by volume level of 15%, which means that it's stronger than your average glass of wine, but not as strong as your typical margarita... cause let's be real; who doesn't love a good drink? If you're wondering as to what the nine flavors are, here you go:

Marble-rita: Ultra-premium tequila, handcrafted triple sec, and all-natural lime juice

Moscow Mule: Ultra-premium vodka, ginger beer, and all-natural lime juice

Greyhound: Ultra-premium vodka and all-natural grapefruit juice

Cosmo: Ultra-premium vodka, handcrafted triple sec, all-natural cranberry juice, and all-natural lime juice

Mojito: Ultra-premium rum, natural mint flavor, and all-natural lime juice

Coconut Island: Ultra-premium rum, all-natural pineapple juice, all-natural line juice, and all-natural coconut

Bloody Mary: Ultra-premium vodka, all-natural tomato juice, and all-natural spices

Screwdriver: Ultra-premium vodka, and all-natural orange juice

Vodka Soda: Ultra-premium vodka, all-natural lime juice, and soda water

So; why Blue Marble?

Liz Abere

Celebrating the Super Bowl with Blue Marble is a no brainer because of the fact that everything you could ever want in a typical cocktail is already there... in a can. You don't have to worry about making a mess while trying (and maybe even failing) at making the perfect drinks all by yourself, just in case your friends bail on you at that point. Just crack a few cans open for you and your friends and you're all set. Besides; this saves you a few trips out to get everything that you need; or better yet, a delivery or two of everything that you'd need for the drinks themselves. 

Another reason as to why celebrating with Blue Marble is a smart idea is because you can keep drinking until you feel a need to stop; or until someone pukes. You won't have a big glass full of a drink right in front of you pressuring you to drink it all, which is nice. Besides; if you've drank so much that you can't finish the can that's in front of you, there's a chance that somebody else will pour it into a cup all for themselves, so nothing will go to waste. Talk about a score for the environment. 

So; now that you know more about Blue Marble and what they have to offer, it's time to start trying their drinks out for yourself before deciding which flavors you like more than others; of course you could get all of them and start stocking up for the Super Bowl, but that's totally up to you. Talk about convenience at its finest.