Events; there are sure a sh*t ton of them around this time of year. Some are good, some are just down right ugly, and some are just plain old overhyped and underwhelming; just like the super cliche New Year's Eve kiss. Thanks to Eventbrite, your plans don't have to be boring, ugly, overhyped, and underwhelming. You're welcome.

What's Eventbrite?

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Denise Uy

In case you haven't heard of Eventbrite before, it's basically a website where you can go find events in your area worldwide; some are free, some cost money, some are small, some aren't small, but they're all somewhat interesting. Eventbrite can be accessed either via the worldwide web on your tablet, phone, or computer device (laptop or desktop), or via their app, which is obviously on your phone or tablet, too. 

What's the deal with not wanting a New Year's Eve kiss?

Liz Abere

The thing is, according to the infographic above, 65% of people interviewed believe that having a kiss on New Year's Eve is overrated; which it is; cause if you think about it, in my eyes, you can kiss who you want, when you want, where you want. It doesn't and shouldn't have to be exclusive to a certain time and day, thus being midnight on New Year's Eve. To top this infographic off, only 45% of singles that were interviewed that are seeking out some form of a relationship genuinely want to meet new people during New Year's Eve; all I can wonder is whether the other 55% of singles that were interviewed want to stay home with their pet(s), or don't have plans at all. 

Also, according to another infographic that can be found online, more than 75% of people that were interviewed have no form of plans for New Year's Eve, thus making the day somewhat anticlimactic. Out of the 25% of people that do have plans, 53% of those people with plans will be going to some form of a party, while 22% of those people will be going to see fireworks of some sort; cue the fireworks noise; whatever it is. The cool thing is, people who are technically considered to be "Generation Z" are more likely to go party at events in packs; and 24% of people said that they're consider going to an event that's pet friendly; so in that case, bring your dog, cat, parakeet, panda, or whatever; the weirder, the better, as long as it's not a fire hazard.

What else is there to know?

Before I get on to more details, Eventbrite has curated a list of events in major cities such as SF, LA, NYC, DC, CHI, and ATL. Anyway, did you know that out of the Americans that were interviewed, 51% of people are willing to travel to another city and 45% of people are willing to spend more than they usually would on any given night out? Now we all know, cause before this moment, I was batsh*t clueless of such. The average amount that people are willing to spend on New Year's Eve comes out to a grand total of $185.60; whoop de doo. 

Some more fun facts include that out of everyone that was interviewed, 57% of people have stated that 2019 was more stressful than previous years (in which I can relate to), and 73% of people feel more optimistic regarding 2020 instead of when we were all going into 2019.

So; what are we going to do this year, folks? We're going to ditch the New Year's Eve kiss, go to a bomb event, and enjoy ourselves, since you know, we're running out of time to have fun in this current decade; now please join me in prayers (note: I'm not religious by any means), but please, join me in hopes of getting Barbara Walters to ring us into 2020 on New Year's Eve.