In approximately two and a half weeks is a day known as Valentine's Day. Whether you have an idea as to how you're celebrating or you're bash!t clueless as to how you're celebrating, chances are, I've got you covered; either with this article or with any of my other Valentine's Day articles. The nice thing is, Target has also got your back this Valentine's Day, and I'll show you how with the following products.

Rosé Bae ($9.99)

Liz Abere

While Rosé Bae is the same price as my favorite rosé that I drank in my dorm all alone during undergrad, it's just not the same. Launching first at Target, this Insta-worthy rosé offers notes of strawberry and raspberry with floral hints for a bright, crisp finish. Pairing well with brie, dark chocolate truffles, and more, it’s the perfect V-Day treat.

Yes Way Rosé Mini Bubbles ($4.99 each)

Yes Way Rosé is another rosé that I highly recommend, and I'm not just saying that because I met the founders of the company this past summer. Coming in 187ml bottles and available first at Target, these stylish mini bottles are filled with Yes Way Rosé’s award-winning sparkling brut rosé for a single serving perfect for casual sipping and festive entertaining.

Let's Avo-Cuddle Valentine's Day Candy ($5.99)

Liz Abere

Exclusively available at Target, these solid white and milk chocolate treats are the perfect gift for avo-loving friends. Besides, who wouldn't love something that's in the shape of an avocado?

Reese’s Valentine’s Day Lovemojis ($3.69)

Liz Abere

Exclusively available at Target, these Reese's peanut butter cups are exactly how you know and love them to be; the only difference is that they have lovey dovey emojis that are out on the wrappers of the cups themselves.

Ghirardelli Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Creme Brulee Bag ($4.79)

Liz Abere

Besides this bag of chocolates exclusively being sold at Target, I can gladly say that I've never heard of white chocolate with crème brûlée chocolates before. While I'm sure that they're just as sweet as you are, they'll pair well with any wine that you decide to pick up in store, if any.

Dove Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate & Almond Bag ($3.99)

Liz Abere

Exclusively available at Target, you can't go wrong with gifting someone some dark chocolate with almonds; especially if it's their favorite kind of chocolate.

Hershey’s Valentine’s Day Milk Chocolate Kisses Gift Box ($5.99)

Liz Abere

Also exclusively available at Target, who wouldn't love a box of Hershey's kisses to pair well with you know, actual kisses this Valentine's Day?

LINDOR Valentine’s Day Dark Strawberry Chocolate Truffles ($4.79)

Liz Abere

Exclusively available at Target, this bag of chocolate will pair well with either of the rosés that are mentioned in this article. The lightness of the strawberry compliments the notes of the two rosés, thus making it a sweet yet affordable way to make that special someone swoon.

My M&M’s Emoji’s ($4.99)

Liz Abere

Exclusively available at Target Stores, these M&M's are a little bit more festive than the Reese's cups that I've mentioned above, as for they have a little card attached to the front of the box; which means that you probably don't have to get a separate card, but you probably should.

Now that you know that Target has your back with rosés and chocolates, it's time to hit up your local Target for some of both. Since everything's affordable, you could always stock up on everything for that special someone... or multiple special someones, if that's how you roll.