Skittles; they're either something that you love or something that you're not really a fan of. Whether or not you're a Skittles lover like myself, they're here to help you out this Valentine's Day, just in case you're falling behind in terms of Valentine's Day preparation. With that being said, here's how Skittles can help you out this year for the lovey dovey day that is known as Valentine's Day.

What do I need to know?

Liz Abere

Here's the deal; Skittles is giving people the chance to gift your significant other with a custom, 3D-printed bust of themselves inspired by the brand’s latest innovation…Skittles Dips (which are now available on shelves nationwide for the first time). The busts themselves are made to resemble the indulgent, multi-textured candy, including the soft, creamy yogurt-flavored looking coating of Dips – are available in one of the Five Fruity Flavors. The busts aren't edible, but the dips that come in the small boxes are in fact edible.

The busts cost $20.20 and are available on Skittles’ Etsy store: The busts are guaranteed to arrive by Valentine’s Day and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of one per customer.

There's no better wya to celebrate Valentine's Day than with the help of Skittles. Their busts are an affordable yet thoughtful gift to give, and to be quite frank, it's also effortless on your part.