There are few things I love more in the world than music, instruments, and food, so while searching for a new electric guitar, I came across a guitar cutting board which had me looking for all of the other music-related kitchen essentials and accessories I could possibly buy and... there's a lot.

If you're skilled with reading music notes and recipes or know someone else who is, all of the essentials needed to make a kitchen more musical are right here – plus they all serve as great gifts which is perfect since Christmas is right around the corner. 

For the Dinner Table

Record player and LP placemats and coasters – sure some people are hard to buy for, but can you really go wrong with placemats and coasters? 

Salt and Pepper set – these shakers have The Beatles on it and say Sgt. Pepper... that's enough of a reason to buy them.

Music-note tea strainers and mugs – there is a mug for every instrument out there... there are so many kinds of mugs that I can write a separate article just for that, but I'll keep it to music note ones for now.

Piano key fruit forks – you could use a regular fork to eat fruit, or you could use these fork keys that come from a grand piano.

For When You're Cooking 

An electric guitar cutting board – straight from the Fender website, enough said.

Drum and guitar mixing spoons – You can stir pots and hit drums.

Ukulele Egg Slicer – this is only slightly smaller than an actual ukulele which makes it all the cuter.

Guitar skillets – if you're like me and cannot wait till the pan's hot enough to crack the egg so that the egg whites don't go all over the pan, then you need this. 

Guitar cheese grater – when you're not shredding on an electric guitar, you can be shredding some cheese.

Cake pans and chocolate molds – the inner wannabe baker in me just wants to make every cake and loaf in the shape of instruments from here on out.

For the Fridge

Guitar Ice tray – this is like one of those things that you don't necessarily need but you want it just cause.

Stereo butter dishes – If you're in a bind and can't figure out what to buy someone, you really can't go wrong with getting this. 

Marshall Amp Mini-Fridge – I might not need this, but out of all the things on the list, I want this the most. 

Marshall Fridge

dave.kobrehel on Flickr

My Amazon cart might be full, but at least it's filled with things that I know everyone I'm gifting them to are gonna love (and most importantly, actually use). So go get your music-loving friends and family (or maybe even yourself) some kitchen accessories because for sure they're gonna use them.