From Chinese food at Al’s Pancake World to tacos, curly fries and beef burritos as a hangover cure, the Gilmore Girls are fearless when it comes to food. In preparation for both Thanksgiving and the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival, it’s time to celebrate one of the greatest food moments on the show: Season 3, Episode 9, “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving."

Lorelai and Rory tackle four Thanksgiving dinners in one day, consuming an amount of calories only imaginable to the self-proclaimed “champion eaters.

Pre-Thanksgiving Eats: 2,658 calories

The episode begins with Lorelai and Rory watching TV and snacking on frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts, which are 200 calories. The next day (the day before Thanksgiving), after Rory’s suggestion of fasting is denied, the duo consumes what Luke calls their “Wednesday usual” at his diner: coffee (2 calories), French dip sandwiches (481 calories), French fries (267 calories), and cherry pie (479 calories). And this is only the beginning.

Dinner #1: 5,519 calories

cake, chocolate
Olivia Olson

Lorelai and Rory attend dinner at the Kim’s, where Thanksgiving food is served Korean-style. A tofurkey (yes, it is exactly what is sounds like) comes out to be around 5,211 calories if the tofurkey is a standard 15 pounds. The Kim’s also serve side dishes of white rice (267 calories) and spinach (41 calories) to round out the meal.

Dinner #2: 15,180 calories

At Sookie and Jackson’s house, Jackson decides to deep-fry the turkey in a vat of 15 gallons of peanut oil. Classy. A deep-fried turkey is around 15,180 calories.

Dinner #3: 10,258.5 calories

Olivia Olson

Luke sticks with the classics at his diner. He serves a traditional meal of turkey (9,180 calories), rolls (78 calories), mashed potatoes (237 calories), yams with extra marshmallows (200.5 calories), cranberry sauce (110 calories), stuffing (356 calories), and peas and carrots as a healthier option (97 calories).

Dinner #4: 144 calories

There's always lots of drama between Lorelai and her parents, so at this dinner, they don’t actually get to the main event: the turkey. Lorelai does, however, drink a martini with a twist (127 calories), and the girls eat wimpy salads as appetizers (17 calories).

Post-Thanksgiving Snacks: 80 calories

coffee, tea, beer
Olivia Olson

It wouldn’t be a true episode of Gilmore Girls if they didn’t end the night back at Luke’s for some coffee and, in this case, leftover dinner rolls.

After four Thanksgiving meals plus extra snack food, the total number of calories in this episode is… 33,839.5! If only we all could have the Gilmore metabolism. For now, I’ll have to pass on the deep-fried turkey.