It's the time of the year when we love to light scented candles in the evening and enjoy the relaxing smell that reminds us of ginger bread, cookies, vanilla or refreshing smells such as grapefruit or mint. In fact, there are some really crazy candles out there you've probably never heard of, and here are just a few.

1. KFC Chicken

Recently Kentucky Fried Chicken released its limited edition scented candle that makes your house smell like you just had greasy KFC fried chicken for dinner. Just what everyone wants. The Kernel on the candle adds a nice classy touch. 

2. Bacon

This bacon scented candle costs a fortune: $41.90 for MMM, BACON! by Yankee Candle. Maybe it's really worth the money? It might be a good candle to light in the morning to wake up your boyfriend and pretend to fry some bacon.

3. Frosted Pumpkin Marshmallow

I really wonder what this candle by the Candle Crate actually smells like? Personally, marshmallows don't really have a smell to me. Won't it just smell like, hmm, I don't know... sugar?

4. Beer  

This candle would be a nice present of all you beer lovers out there. 

5. Vodka 

I'm pretty sure the last thing people think when they smell vodka is, "Let me make a candle out of this so I can smell it every day." These might not be the best idea after a night out.

6. Roasted Corn and Popcorn

These roasted corn or popcorn candles are perfect for a movie night to get that extra cinema feel. There are surprisingly lots of popcorn candles out there, so keep your eyes peeled if you're a popcorn addict like me. 

7. Tomato

A tomato candle?! What does this smell like? Youtube queen Zoella recommended the tomato smell twice in her monthly favorites, so it must smell amaze.

8. Doughnut Shop

What could smell better than a doughnut candle? A whole shop of doughnuts! 

9. Turkey & Stuffing

This Yankee candle will bring you the Thanksgiving spirit all throughout the year. Family arguments not included. 

10. Fresh Baked Bread

I am crazy about freshly baked bread, but who isn't? If this candle actually spreads the smell of fresh bread then it will soon be mine.

11. Pickle

Stinky Candle produces some weird candles such as pizza and fries, or this one that smells like pickles. 

12. Schnitzle with Noodles

And last but not least, my personal favorite, the Schnitzel & Noodles candle from Yankee. But why schnitzel and noodles?! As an Austrian born and raised, I can truthfully say nobody eats noodles with schnitzel. Do your research, Yankee Candles.