I am all about the kale trend. From kale chips to kale-infused cocktails, this superfood has managed to spread to not only every section of the menu but also to the clothing of customers everywhere. Even Beyoncé has embraced the trend.

But trends come and go, so it's time to cross out the kale and add these new food-inspired looks to your list. 

Soul Food Crewneck

When kale doesn't cut it, comfort food does. This soul food sweatshirt is perfect for the foodie in your family. Hand-printed using eco-friendly inks and made in the USA, this look lets you feed your soul and your society.

ASOS Dinosaur Food Tee & Short Pajama Set

You always sleep better when your pajamas match. No idea why, but there's no denying the power of a good pajama set. Silk stripes may bring out the Blair Waldorf in you (sleeping mask included) but these dinosaur daunting pj's scream Serena, meaning your night may only just begin with this ensemble. Plus, this set is just $22... so treat yourself. 

Junky Soludos Slip On's

These minimalist slip ons are a subtle way to embrace the food trend (aka way less basic than your kale shirt). Inspired by the street food of New York, Jason Polan designed these slip ons that are now being sold exclusively on soludos.com during the holidays. You won't want to miss out.

Food Socks

Because obviously you need food-inspired socks to match your food-inspired shoes. Fried eggs, cookies, cheese, and even a toothbrush and toothpaste for after the meal, these socks cover all the bases. For $6 a pair, stuff your stockings with these treats. 

Donut Joggers

What's more comfortable then coming home and slipping into your favorite sweats? When your sweats are covered in colorful sprinkle-coated donuts. Belovedshirts.com is home to many junk-food-inspired looks. If donuts don't do it for you pizza, burgers, gummy bears, sushi, and french fries might. Snag these sweats now while they are on sale.

Queso Clutch 

Just in queso you'd rather carry your food-infused look rather than wear it. This accessory will serve as the ever important reminder that when the cranberry sauce and mint jelly get old around the holidays, there's always queso. If this phrase doesn't speak to you, you can customize your own look on Bow and Drape right now

If you're not ready to give up your kale look just yet... don't. Your closet does not discriminate and welcomes veggies, donuts, queso, and french fries of all kinds. Practice balance in your diet and attire this winter by rocking your soul food sweatshirt over your kale tank.