If the title has you moaning and groaning cause it's an article about juice shots, don't be tricked; not all juice shots are the same, so please calm your horses. Juice shots aren't to be confused with the infamous trend that is juice cleanses, so please think before you comment. Recently released juice shots from So Good So You differentiate themselves from the rest of juice shots that are out on the market, and I'd like to show you how they do such.

What are the details?

So Good So You is an organic plant-based probiotic juice shot brand that also has a line of juices, but we're only here to discuss their juice shots. All of So Good So You products are made with wholesome ingredients, are 100% organic, non-GMO, and contain 1B of probiotics in every bottle; so needless to say, you're being healthy without putting in a sh!t ton of effort.

Let's call the shots

With 8 different shots to choose from, here's what you need to know about them all:


Liz Abere

Did you know that with the right ingredients your body can make its own collagen? This Beauty shot boasts 10 grams of collagen boosting ingredient silica, not to mention the alluring flavors of organic aronia berry, grapefruit and apple juices. Suggested retail price is $3.99.


Liz Abere

Providing organic, energy-boosting nutrients and 1 Billion colony forming units of probiotics, this shot supports digestive health, thus getting all of the unwanted gunk out of your system. Suggested retail price is $3.99.


Liz Abere

Need help digestion? No problem, but it'll cost you $3.99,. The organic, nutritious ingredients and 1 Billion colony forming units of probiotics supports your digestive and immune health all in a little shot.


Liz Abere

So Good So You's endurance shot is made with beets, organic apples, and aronia berries for a tangy flavor combination in addition to 1 Billion colony forming units. Suggested retail price is $3.99.


Liz Abere

This shot has a suggested retail price of $3.99 and no gross and un-pronouncable chemicals. Meant to give you energy, this shot is made with effectively energizing superfood ingredients to get you and keep you going throughout the course of the day.


Liz Abere

Retailing for $3.99, this tasty blend of pure, nutritious juices provides a powerful, no-bs daily kick in the pants feel. The addition of 1 Billion colony forming units of probiotics provides a digestive as well as immune system support.


Liz Abere

The probation numeric nutrients in this shot are joining forces with cinnamon, raw honey and orange juice in this refreshing shot. The added benefit of 1 Bullion colony forming units of probiotics are there to support your digestive and immune health; suggested retail price is $3.99.


Liz Abere

Slip into a blissful dream with this Sleep shot that features star ingredients like California Poppy and Butterfly Pea Flower to help you naturally dose off. The suggested retail price for this shot is $3.99.

Now that you have more info on So Good So You's 8 shots, why don't you go and try them for yourself? If you can't find them online, use the site's "Find Us" tab so that you can get to taking shots stat.