It’s still freezing and midterms are coming up, but let’s fast forward and dream about spring break. In just two more weeks, we will have chance to take a step back and relax. Whether you are staying in New York, going home, or traveling somewhere warmer, we will all be eating and drinking a little (or a lot). In the spirit of the upcoming spring break, NYU Spoon went around campus and asked our fellow students what food and drinks they are most looking forward to.

Arjun Tina, Digital Marketing, Gallatin



“Yea, I am a vegetarian.”

spring break

Photo by Katherine Hunold

Craig Schwarzbaum, Finance, Stern

“Empanadas. Do you know the ISP program?”

“No. What’s that?”

“It’s a Stern’s program for the international students. Juniors get to travel and I am going to Chile for spring break.”

spring break

Photo by Katherine Hunold

Monisha Ravisetti, Physics, CAS

“Home-cooked meal. Indian food.”

“Anything in particular?”

“The curry and traditional rice that my mom makes.”

spring break

Photo by Katherine Hunold

Keagan Sakai-Kawada, Hotel and Tourism Management, School of Professional Studies

“I am staying in New York for spring break, but I heard there are some good brunch places on the Upper West Side. I just want good soft boiled eggs.”

spring break

Photo by Katherine Hunold

Ilona Selina, Media, Culture, and Communication, Steinhardt

“Home-cooked meals, for sure.”

“Can you say something about drinks?”

“Oh I can’t wait to go home and legally drink again.”