If you're like me and have endless food videos crowding your Facebook timeline, chances are you binge-watch them all while your stomach growls, wishing you had more than Ramen and Easy Mac in your pantry. I present to you my solution to the hunger pangs caused by those heavenly digital works of art: The Ultimate Recipe Video Drinking Game.

Sip When:

- A number comes on the screen

- An ingredient word comes on the screen

- You see your favorite cooking utensil

Take a Shot When:

- The word preheat comes on the screen

- The word bake comes on the screen

- The word mix comes on the screen

#SpoonTip: To improve the experience, make some shots beforehand.


- Through the duration of any single-action timelapse (stirring, mixing, whisking, etc.)

#SpoonTip: To soften the blow on this one, if you're with other people, each claim only one action to chug during.

Finish Your Drink When:

- The word broil comes on the screen

- An actual human speaks

- You and the hands have the same color nail polish on

Feel free to mix and match, add or subtract rules as you see fit. I can confirm that this will definitely get you three sheets to the wind, quite possibly after just one video, so please play in moderation. I find it best to play with friends because the more, the merrier. Stay thirsty, my food fiends.