While the glory days of trick or treating may be over, many of us still want to get our spook on. Here's the good news, there are still plenty of activities to celebrate with this Halloween (aka the best holiday EVER). Whether your favorite part is the candy, costumes, or the pumpkins, there is always room for more October festivities. If you want to sweeten up your Halloween this year with a flavorful treat, then you have found your match made in heaven; Hallowine

What is Hallowine?

Trust me when I say Hallowine is the answer to any problem this fall. This is a seasonal type of wine that is only sold around Halloween. It is flavored with Semi-Sweet Apple Wine spiced with Cinnamon and Nutmeg. YUM.

This treat is best enjoyed when served warm, so heat it up in the microwave for 25 secs for ideal results. Whether you're planning on going out in matching costumes with your friends or curling up on the couch with a halloween movie, Hallowine is a MUST.

The best part is that it's super cheap compared to any other wine in the market. Thats right, Hallowine is only $9.99 with an ABV of 11.5% which means you're guaranteed for a night of gourd fun (as long as you make sure to drink responsibly)!! Talk about an affordable, delicious and fall festive drink to spice up your month. Wine not give it a try?

Where can I get it?

Hallowine is sold at the Door Peninsula Winery in Wisconsin. The company sells plenty of other festive drinks for the Holiday such as Witches Brew. Don't live in Wisconsin? Well Neither do I. Luckily, the winery has an online shop so that no matter where you are, your Halloween can be sweeter than all that candy you've been eating. 

Is Hallowine really all that?

I decided to taste test three wines; Hallowine, Witches Brew, and a typical bottle of my personal favorite, Sauvignon Blanc. I poured a fat glass of each of them on three separate nights to find which one is the best. I grabbed a few of my best friends and the adventure began. I'll admit I was a little biased toward Sauvignon Blanc because this is a family wine of mine, but the results truly shocked me.

And the winner is...

I was going to review all three of these tasty drinks, but l there was just one clear winner...Hallowine

Maybe it did have something to do with it being October or the fact that I drank this while watching a Halloween movie, but this stuff definitely takes the cake. Hallowine gave me the perfect mix of happy buzz and the "I just want to dance" feeling. It had my friends and I laughing at stupid jokes and enjoying ourselves all night long.

Where should I drink this spooky beverage?

Bonfires, carving pumpkins, or a classic scary movie watching date night are all EXCELLENT reasons to drink this wine. 

Your friends will freak out when you show up with this bottle at a bonfire on a chilly Autumn night. The apple cinnamon flavor pairs perfectly with s'mores, and is also a great treat to share with others. This heated wine will help you feel as warm as that bonfire. Plus, the happy buzz you'll start to feel will start a whole lot of laughter and great conversations with friends you'll never want to forget. 

Wow. I think I speak for most people when I say I hope I never have to live through another Halloweekend without a bottle of Hallowine by my side. If you're like me and have that "I'm just here for the BOOz" mentality, stock up on this treat before it's too late.