We have all watched Guy Fieri take countless trips to Flavortown. He travels all over tasting foods and never giving a single one a bad review. Sometimes I feel skeptical of the fact that he never DOESN’T like something he tries, but then I remember, the restaurant wouldn’t have gotten onto a TV show if it wasn’t great. Seeing as he travels all over the country, I decided to make your life easier by giving you a list of 9 spots featured on the show just in the the New York/ New Jersey area. You and your not-yet-conceived food baby can thank me later.

1. John’s of 12th Street


Photo courtesy of flickr user verygreen

John’s of 12th Street is a traditional Italian spot in the East Village of Manhattan. In addition to the famous veal meatballs it has a very extensive vegan menu. Warning: they only take cash (but have an ATM inside).

Must try: veal meatballs, pizza

2. Jimmy’s Diner


Photo courtesy of fotopedia.com

Its own website brags “best fried chicken in Brooklyn.” They only take cash which is mildly inconvenient, but they make up for it because they serve breakfast all day.

Must try
: chicken and waffles

3. Pies ‘N’ Thighs


Photo courtesy of NY Magazine

Pies N’ Thighs is a spot in Brooklyn for Southern Comfort food that can’t be beat, especially given their very reasonable prices.

Must try: pecan crunch donut, pulled pork sandwich, chicken and waffles

4. La Isla


Photo courtesy of forkandcamera.com

This tiny hole-in-the-wall is located in Hoboken, New Jersey, right outside the city. Guy recommends the tasajo con boniato, but this Cuban restaurant is also said to have incredible stuffed French toast.

Must try: tasajo con boniato (shredded beef served with Cuban sweet potatoes and rice)

5. Brownstone Diner


Photo by Nancy Chen

Not only does this diner serve breakfast all day, but there are also 30 different types of pancakes on the menu. ‘Nuff said.

Must try: pancakes, Greek moussaka (if you really have issues with pancakes)

6. Gazala’s Place


Photo courtesy of sensappealsblog.com

Chef-owner of Gazala’s Place, Gazala Halabi, is serving up typical Druzan dishes at her two locations in the Upper West Side and Hell’s Kitchen. Druze is a Middle Eastern ethnicity, in case you aren’t familiar with it.

Must try: Osh Al-Saria (that’s a type of dessert)

7. Defonte’s Sandwich Shop


Photo courtesy of eateryrow.com

In business since 1922, Defonte’s is a family-owned Italian deli serving up incredible sandwiches like the Sinatra Special, which consists steak piazziola and fresh mozzarella.

Must try: Sinatra Special, roast beef

8. The Redhead


Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

Yet another place to try in the East Village, The Redhead has more great Southern comfort food to satisfy your cravings and the prices are reasonable.

Must try: homemade pretzels with beer cheese, bacon peanut brittles

9. Ben’s Best Deli


Photo courtesy of Jewish Exponent

This Jewish deli located in Rego Park, Queens is known for it’s kreplachs, which are steamed dumplings usually filled with meat. It’s also known for having huge sandwiches—be prepared for leftovers.

Must try: kreplachs, cabbage rolls

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