While S’mores may get a bad rap for being a kid’s treat, it doesn't have to be true. S’mores can be really cool and adult-friendly too. Introducing the s’mores flavored drinks: beer, the toasted marshmallow shot, and Dunkin' Donuts’ S’mores Coffee.

Coffee and alcohol are pretty much adult indulgences, so I figured I would let all you college readers in on these delicious s’mores secrets. Take your craving up a notch from just the s’mores flavored Pop-Tarts.

1. S'mores Flavored Beer

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McKenna Leaden

First things first— what are the main ingredients for an outdoor barbecue? Hamburgers, hot dogs, a red and white checkered table cloth, a campfire, some majestic fireflies, and beer. Now, you can combine two of the aspects of a perfect summer night with a porter style beer from Saranac: the campfire and the beer. 

Saranac came out with their s’more porter after discovering a perfect combination of brown and roasted malts, caramel, and biscuits, that are aged with chocolate and vanilla to get the sweet taste of s’mores as you sip. The refreshing, cool taste of the beer itself, compliments the toasty-ness of the fire. Cheers to s’more beers.

2. Toasted Marshmallow Shot

McKenna Leaden

My absolute favorite s’more drink is the toasted marshmallow shot— pun intended. When I was younger, my family and I used to go with a few other families on a weekend "camping" trip in Lake George, New York. We stayed in cabins and crowded around the campfire all night. While everyone roasted marshmallows and made s'mores, we noticed how the marshmallow began to deflate quickly while you were unwrapping your chocolate and preparing the graham crackers.

As long as you cooked the marshmallow to a nice, golden brown and positioned it to be standing straight up, the middle of the marshmallow began to sink. The edges stay up right and the inside, gooey part of the marshmallow disappears, settling at the bottom… and resembles a shot glass. The adults were inspired to pour some of their favorite liquor into that marshmallow and consume the “glass” and all. They said it was delicious.

I think it would be most fitting to put some chocolate-flavored liquor into the marshmallow just like you would pair it with a warmed Hershey’s chocolate bar. 

Some fun chocolate choices are:

-Forbidden Secret: a dark mocha american cream

-Bom Bom Coco Mochanut: rum with cream and chocolate,  coconut, and coffee flavors

Some spicy cinnamon choices are:

-Peligroso: tequila liqueur, cinnamon

-Chila: ‘orchata cinnamon cream run

3. Dunkin' Donuts S'mores Coffee

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Jacqueline Canino

The last s’more drink indulgence is Dunkin Donuts new s’more flavored coffee. I have not yet tried this to be honest, but it sounds amazing to me. My favorite part of how Dunkin Donuts describes the concept is that the roasted taste of the coffee is so similar to the toasted taste of the marshmallow. Depending on how you like to roast your marshmallow, it will still have that crisp, smokey taste from the fire. Plus, mocha is my favorite kind of guilty pleasure coffee, so I have to try this.

Kick back and take a break with one of these creamy, chocolatey s’mores drinks. That’s what summer is for after all. Cheers to s’more of the sweet sides of adult-ing.