The middle of January; it's known as that time of the year where people give up on their yearly resolutions... in this case, it'd be their 2020 resolutions. While keeping resolutions is a struggle, they're also something that we're somewhat forced to make on a yearly basis. This doesn't have to be the case, but in case you're wondering, D'Arcy Carden is also ditching her 2020 resolutions... here's what she has to say.

Tips and tricks

Liz Abere

According to D'Arcy, these are her tips for 2020:

Don't fight your taste buds; celebrate them: “I have a love affair with coffee. […] Our relationship got a bit rocky when I tried to force myself to like black coffee though, but now I’m completely owning the fact that I need some sweetness to start my day. My perfect morning coffee always has a splash of cream (that’s right, full dairy! *gasp*) and Truvia® Natural Sweetener. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness without the calories – basically it’s a mini morning win." 

Sunshine and belly rubs can be a game changer: “Every morning my dog Penny and I have a “Zen with Pen” session where we sit on the floor in her favorite sun spot and I shower her with belly rubs, heads rubs and lots of kisses. Since she can’t talk and clearly doesn’t have an iPhone, it’s the perfect way to start my day and avoid jumping right into emails or Instagram.”

Remember the gym is optional: “To mix [my fitness routine] up, a few years ago I channeled grade school me and actually joined a recreational basketball team: The Lucille Ballers. Not only is this is a great way to stay active and make new friends, it also gives me a scheduled dose of pure fun at least three times a week.”

Some fun facts

Liz Abere

Did you know that pearly three in five moms (58%) say that they get a better workout running around after their kids than they would from a spin class? Who knew. Did you know that 71% of women agree that veggie pizza should always count as a serving of vegetables? And, half of women define self-care as taking a power nap (cause, same), while nearly as many say that sipping their morning tea or coffee (49%) or reading a good book (47%). 

According to a study done by Truvia, here's what else you need to know:

Regarding stress factor, nearly 65% of women and 72% of millennial women say that finding the time to work out is more stressful than actual working out. Over 80% of women say that household chores count as cardio. Specifically, almost 70% of consumers say that vacuuming keeps them on their toes, while 60% say that cleaning the bathroom is one way they keep in tip top shape.

The thing with wellness is that it's not just about moving; it's also about finding some headspace and solace; over 80% of women says that their first sip of coffee or tea in the morning is their daily moment of Zen. Over half of women say that they'd rather wait in line at the DMV than go without their coffee or tea. Moms are getting real about their everyday wins and are skipping the pre-dawn workout. Nearly all moms (90%) say that they're doing life right if they can get their kids out the door to school on time. 

Views regarding on what "fits" into our diets is changing; 60% of women prescribe to the mantra "everything in moderation, including moderation." When it comes to vodka sodas, it's time to hold the calories. If pizza gets a pass, then it's time to use the same logic for the rest of life's pleasures. Over 41% of women agree that calories from cocktails shouldn't count. Also, over 70% of women and 81% of millennial women say that they'd choose too replace one of the five basic food groups with an indulgence such as baked goods, caffeine, or alcohol.

Now that you know how D'Arcy Carden is giving up on her 2020 resolutions and some fun facts from Truvia... it's time to go enjoy the year and do what you want, when you want... in moderation, of course.