When I first eliminated meat from my diet, my parents, doctors, and friends warned me about protein deficiencies, vitamin inadequacies, and unhealthy weight loss.

To prove to myself and my family that I could be healthy on this lifestyle, I started using the website Cron-O-Meter. If you are in the process of making a dietary change, I strongly suggest using Cron-O-Meter to track your progress. 
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Ariella Kuhl

One feature of Cron-O-Meter is that you can track calories consumed and burned per day. You can add in a variety of pre-listed foods (or manually plug in your own) and serving sizes to make the measurements as accurate as possible. Cron-O-Meter is also great because you can include exercise and other physical activities. 

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Ariella Kuhl

Furthermore, I use Cron-O-Meter to track my nutrient levels. On this specific day, I satisfied my protein, mineral, and vitamin requirements except for vitamins B12 and D. From using this online resource, I discovered that I am usually low on these nutrients. So, I consulted my doctor and started taking supplements

Additionally, since this website saves your daily food journals, I've noticed trends in which foods make me feel bloated, sick, and nauseous. Surprisingly enough, I discovered that on days I ate eggplant, I always had severe stomachaches (so now I avoid it). 

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Ariella Kuhl

Overall, Cron-O-Meter is a helpful resource to track your health. While it has helped me feel in control of my diet, I definitely don't recommend using it everyday. Being obsessive about calories and macronutrients is not healthy, so I limit my use to about 2 times a week. However, if you are interested in how your eating habits impact your health, I would definitely recommend giving this website a shot.