Created in 2012, Buzzbox is a new cocktail infused juicebox made without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Currently eight different flavors are available, each ranging in alcohol content from 12-14% (forewarning: this is a lot and you will most definitely get buzzed, especially at high altitudes). Rod Vandenbos, the founder of Buzzbox, created this juice-tale after working in the entertainment industry and constantly being exposed to the long AF lines at concession stands. He wanted to create a handcrafted all-natural premium cocktail without the wait, and thus Buzzbox was born. 

Sydney Emerson

Presidents Day Weekend in Tahoe was the perfect opportunity to see what all the hype was about. We bundled up, Buzzbox in hand, and found our way to the mountain. After shredding it on the slopes, (or being a Jerry like me and holding up the chairlift) après-ski was in full effect. Not sure if it was the altitude or the buzzbox, but we were feeling it before we made it home. Yaaaas. 

#spoontip check out this guide to apres ski eats if you're not about drinking on an empty stomach.


Sydney Emerson

We were huuuge fans of the cuban mojito (rum, mint & limejuice), classic greyhound (vodka & grapefruit), and perfect margarita (tequila... all you need to know). The extreme coconut (coconut water & vodka) tasted like straight coconut so if you're into that, beware.

We were split on the whiskey lemonade (whiskey, triple sec & lemon juice) and the long island (vodka, rum, gin, triple sec & tea). There were some complaints, the classic cosmo (vodka, triple sec & cranberry juice) was a little too sweet, but it was sucked down nonetheless. 

Sydney Emerson

Buzzbox is a fantastic way to get your buzz on. The convenience of a juicebox is great, and it can go up to 18 months without refrigeration (if you do want to store it in the fridge though, make room by removing these 10 things). Buzzbox is starting to find it's way to stores like Whole Foods and Bevmo, so be on the lookout. In San Jose the closest retailer is Total Wine & More.

In summary:

Before Buzzbox: 

After Buzzbox: