Wine; it's something that most, if not all of us like to consume on a somewhat regular basis; especially me. Some wines are American, while other wines aren't... you know, we have French wines, Russian wines, and even Sicilian wines. Sometimes in this cold weather, it's best to pair things up with one another; and in this case, we'll be pairing up Sicilian wines with soup... if that doesn't sound toasty, I don't know what does... awkwardly cues my Italian accent that I've learned from my Italian minor in undergrad.

The pairings themselves:

French Onion Soup with Nero d'Avola

Liz Abere

Mini crockpots overflowing with flavorful onion-infused beef broth and melted gruyere cheese on top of a crusty crouton provides a cozy contrast to a ripe and jammy Nero d’Avola.

Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup with Grillo

The comfort of aromatic veggies in a smooth and creamy blend provides a warm backdrop for the bright, crisp herbal notes of Grillo.

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup with Insolia

Liz Abere

Sip your way to feeling good in this cold weather as the fragrant Vietnamese flavors of lemon grass, cilantro, ginger and heat of chilis in this chicken noodle soup matches perfectly with the sweet and smooth body of Insolia.

North African Butternut Squash Soup with Harissa and Frappato

This velvety soup of delicate butternut squash rich with North African spices gives the perfect savory balance to the red berry flavor of Frappato.

Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup and Nero d’Avola Blend 

Smoky and spicy undertones of Mexican ancho chiles makes this dish unforgettable when paired with the vibrancy of a Nero d’Avola blend.

Clam Chowder and Lucido 

Liz Abere

The creamy clam chowder is the perfect comfort food when paired with the fresh citrus of a Lucido wine. 

Now that you know how to pair different soups with different Sicilian wines, it's time to try out the pairings for yourself. Obviously I don't want you eating and drinking too much in one night since that's how you'll get sick, so feel free to spread out these pairings as you please; you can have one a night for a week straight, one a week for six weeks straight, one a month, one every other week, etc etc. It's all up to you, but this would totally make for a nice get together with a friend or with other friends or with that special someone... just to give off some ideas.