Anyone who knows me knows I love brunch food and my school. Brunch food is the ultimate food for any occasion. (I mean, who doesn't love a good morning mimosa?) Combined with Big Ten school spirit, it's a win-win situation. What's better than comparing each Big Ten school to brunch food, you ask? Nothing.

Disclaimer: all of the descriptions vary as to what they're based off of. Some are based off of location, some off of social life, some off of academics and some off of sport; since each school is different, different aspects needed to be considered. Being a buckeye myself (#muckfichigan), Ohio State of course takes the top spot in all of the rankings.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Bagel With Cream Cheese and Lox

sandwich, bread, cheese, tomato
Juliet Paterek

Never have a brunch without a bagel. Since Madison is known for its scenic waterfront and Wisconsin known for its cheese, the combination of cream cheese and lox, although an unlikely duo, works. Though not the most key aspect of a brunch, it puts a smile on anyone's face, especially if it's a New York bagel.

Purdue University: Grits

Grits are... grits. Very similar to oatmeal, they could easily be forgotten when having brunch. Although Purdue is probably great, just like grits, they're not known for anything specific. Usually paired with something like bacon or eggs for a full meal, they are easy to season and make delicious with a little spice magic. 

Northwestern University: Crêpes

cream, sweet, cake, chocolate, pastry, dairy product
Jeanne Penn

Crêpes are a dessert and a brunch food, making it a two-in-one. Although they're really yummy, and they're a little pretentious. Crêpes think they're better than the rest of the brunch foods, just like Northwestern, and though they might be, no one likes a show off. 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Toast

wheat bread, toast, rye bread, crust, rye, flour, cereal, bread, wheat
Sarah Silbiger

Toast is an anytime, anywhere type of food. Yeah, it's pretty basic and nothing special (kind of like Nebraska), but it's classic. It can be dressed up in so many different ways, such as with jam, butter, or avocado. It's no one's first choice for brunch, but it's definitely a solid option that can still be enjoyable.

University of Minnesota: Hash Browns

These babies are fried and yummy just like the foods Minnesota is known for. Potatoes, specifically hash brown-style, are the way to go. It's more of an on-the-go type of brunch food or a side dish rather than a full-blown meal—but c'mon, it's a potato that's fried, what's bad about that?

University of Iowa: Breakfast Sausage

Hearty and filling, breakfast sausage always has you covered. With sausage being one of the heartier breakfast foods, it helps to keep people full and warm, which is exactly what's needed in those Iowa winters. Midwestern weather can be brutal and with all of those barren corn fields, what's to protect people from the cold? The hearty breakfast sausage, of course. 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Pancakes

banana, cream, pancake, chocolate, caramel
Jacqueline Kindler

Pancakes are a party just like Illinois making them one of the more fun brunch foods of the bunch. Pancakes can be done any way you want—from plain to blueberry, you name it and it's possible. Although not the top brunch food, it's the go-to with friends for enjoying and sharing.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick: Scrambled Eggs

Everyone likes eggs, especially if they're scrambled. Usually used as a topping for avocado toast or as a meal with toast and potatoes, it's not known for being a popular food similar to how Rutgers isn't the most popular Big Ten school. It's a classic, tasty meal, but it can easily be forgotten when looking at fancier foods.

Pennsylvania State University: Croissant

bread, jam, sweet, butter, pastry, croissant
Amanda Ryvkin

Simple yet flaky, croissants are definitely making a comeback in the brunch food world similar to the comeback Penn State is making. Still not one of the popular ones yet, it can be paired well with a bunch of different items and can also be made over-the-top with frosting, toppings and more.

Michigan State University: Iced Coffee

Michigan State is definitely an up-and-coming Big Ten school, similar to how coffee has that "pick-me-up" kick to it. Since Michigan is freezing, a freezing cold drink is perfectly fitting. No start to a day is complete without a nice brunch and a large iced coffee

University of Maryland, College Park: Omelette

Lauren Anzevino

Omelettes are versatile and can be made so many different ways; eggs or egg whites, bacon or ham. With so many options to explore, similar to how Maryland has close proximity to a large city, omelettes are a classic staple of brunch. It's definitely a popular option and never fails to put a smile on faces.

Indiana University: Waffles

candy, cake, cream, caramel, chocolate, sweet
Eileen Wang

One of the most popular brunch foods, waffles are a total go-to. They can be dressed so many different ways and are delicious. Although they are popular, it does take a certain type of person to like waffles over pancakes — just like it takes a certain type of person to choose a school not so big on football. Either way, they're one of the party brunch foods. 

University of Michigan: Bacon

Bacon thinks they're the ultimate brunch food, as if it's superior to everything else just like Michigan. Yes, bacon is really good — no one is saying it's not — and it's definitely a popular brunch food but it's not number one. Sometimes you just have to give bacon a reality check and let it know it's good, but not the best. 

The Ohio State University: Mimosas

The ultimate key to any perfect brunch: mimosas. Just like Ohio State, mimosas are on top of the brunch game and just don't compare to anything else. No reality check needed here, these are facts. They bring the party and fun to every brunch and are the best, period. 

Brunch and Big Ten pair very well together. What beats a nice plate of pancakes after game day tailgate? With both of these being two topics that are definitely above the rest, nothing can go wrong when putting the two together.