The Kardashians are certainly unfiltered, but usually say what we are all thinking. Sometimes they over react at things in the heat of the moment, but hey that's understandable. What better way to express all my emotions and sometimes over dramatic reactions about food at BC than with the Kardashians? Let's be honest...when a girl is hungry, true feelings come out.

1. When it's parents weekend and your parents say you can pick anywhere to go to dinner

No shame in already having my Open Table reservations for parent's weekend next year. I'm gonna take the good, "free" food when I can! 

2. Watching that friend who eats everything and doesn't gain weight while you choke down your green beans at dinner

No, I don't want to eat chicken and two sides for the fifth time in a row this week, but here we are. And yes, that flat top burger is calling my name. 

3. When you still have $1000 left on your meal plan at the end of the semester and suddenly have tons of friends

You know it's real if they slide into your DMs and ask you to get dinner every single day for the next week. That's true friendship right there. 

4. When you haven't had your morning coffee and someone starts talking to you in the bathroom

Don't get offended if I look at you and just don't respond. Communal bathrooms aren't the dream... and they're most certainly not what I want when it's 8am and I'm just tryna go to class. 

5. Walking into late night at 1am and ordering Mac n' Cheese, mozz sticks, and chicken tenders knowing that you'll regret it in the morning

No regrets in getting late night after every night out. Maybe I'll quit next year. 

6. Seeing your mom after your first semester in college

Thanks for pointing out that the freshman fifteen is real mom. Back to the chicken and two sides I go. 

7. When you and your roommate pass your RA in the hallway after an alc run

Let's hope they don't do room checks any time soon. But currently high off the adrenaline of getting away with all that alc in my purse right next to the RA! Talk about living on the edge. 

8. That feeling when you've been waiting in the Eagles line for approximately 30 minutes and the server only gives you one mozzarella ball

Like, c'mon Andrea, I need at least three. I even went for popcorn chicken to be healthier, you gotta give me something. 

9. When your friends know they can count on you to have snacks in your dorm because you Amazon Prime food every other day

Goldfish, fruit snacks, cereal, Boom Chicka Pop, granola bars, soda, the list is endless...

10. When you know it's gonna be a wild night and you need to carb up 

Pasta for dinner is the move always. Especially if it's time to carbo load. 

11. That reality check from your roommate when you're complaining about your Uber Eats order taking *literally* forever

But I want my sushi now!!!!!!