Dunkin Donuts might have ice cream-flavored coffees, but this June Baskin-Robbins is incorporating coffee into their ice cream Flavor of the Month, Caramel Macchiato. At first, it was difficult for me to see past the world that is cookie dough ice cream, but since cutting coffee out of my diet, I’ve desperately missed the taste. Curious, and with only one week left of the month to enjoy this new flavor, I had to go try it for myself.

Abby Swatt

The basics of the ice cream are that it's made up of a coffee-flavored ice cream base, thickly woven with caramel swirls and espresso chunks.

True to its coffee namesake, the ice cream tastes like a churned caramel macchiato that hits the spot during the blazing summer heat. The coffee taste in the ice cream is very present and creamy, while the caramel drizzle balances it out with an added sweetness more similar to your typical dessert topping. 

While I know that it will probably return next year for another month, I wish it would be available for the entirety of the summer.

Abby Swatts

I was able to get this flavor at my local Baskin Robbins, which shares a shop with Dunkin' Donuts (and are found around every corner of my college town). For $3.59, I got two lopsided scoops in a sugar cone. The amount of ice cream piled on top of my cone was impossible to contain in an upright position, which led me to flip it into a plastic cup. Two scoops was more than my stomach could hold, but a delight to my eyes nevertheless.

Abby Swatt

Past Flavors of the Month have included January's "Bobsled Brownie", February's "Cannoli Be With You", and May's "Mom's Makin' Cookies". While exciting to have new flavors each month, its a time sensitive matter. Head to a shop near you to try June's Caramel Macchiato flavor. If you do, I hope you enjoy it and have a little more luck keeping it vertical.