With the holidays comping to a wrap, there's still two main holidays that are coming up; Christmas and New Year's. If you're anything like me and want Barbara Walters to ring us into the new year, you're probably not too worried about what to get your friends for Christmas; which is why this boozy holiday gift guide is here to help with that. 



Liz Abere

From MillerCoors this year, their brand, Steel Reserve Alloy Series (SRAS) the 8% ABV malt liquor, is celebrating the holiday season by listing out some of the most awkward and yet relatable moments we all face at home on their cans. The cans became available for purchase in early November, are 8.0% alcohol by volume, and come in seven different flavors, which include the following along with their respective can tag-lines:

Spiked Strawberry Burst: When your Aunt gets too flirty with your boyfriend

Blk Berry: When your uncle wants to talk politics

Hard Pineapple: When you get asked why you’re single for the 3rd year in a row

Watermelon: When your parents threaten to take you off their phone plan

Spiked Blue Razz: When you slide into your friend’s sister’s DMs

Spiked Tropic Storm: When you run into your high school ex at the neighborhood bar

Spiked Punch: When your dad’s new girlfriend is the same age as you

Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout

Liz Abere

For the holidays this year, you can't go wrong with any of Goose Island's Barrel House Beers. With variants going back to the good old year of 2010, there's something for everyone; and if you're more into seasonal beer, Goose Island has that, too, thus making this season a boozy holiday season after all. 


Rémy Martin

Liz Abere

For a boozy holiday this year, consider bringing some Rémy Martin Tercet, which is new. Tercet is the most recent cognac and permanent extension to the House’s product line. Bottled at 42% alcohol/Volume it is the highest proof of all existing Rémy Martin blends. Extremely round, while tasting Tercet it coats the palate, punctuated with notes of exotic fruits and spices. The finish is with a touch of toasted almond, long and complex. Tercet is best served in a white burgundy wine glass and pairs exquisitely with pineapple desserts; which my friend would love since he loves pineapple cake. The suggested retail price comes in at $110.



TL;DR: Baileys is an Irish cream liqueur that's known for having a smooth, creamy taste to it, it can be mixed in with almost everything, but I'd suggest spiking your already sugary beverage with it; or your coffee; whatever floats your boat.


Liz Abere

For a boozy holiday this year, consider drinking a liqueur straight out of the bottle; with that being said, Fernet-Branca can help with that. In short, it's an Italian Amaro of 27 herbs and spices has been around for 175 years, and continues to dominate the globe, being everyone’s favorite digestif.


Chivas Regal 13

Liz Abere

On shelves exclusively here in the states and with a suggested retail price of $35, Chivas Regal 13 is a caramel tasting scotch that also has notes of chocolate. Just like the other two scotches down below, Chivas' scotch is scary smooth and is meant to either be mixed into drinks, taken as shots, or poured over a huge ice cube.

GlenDronach Master Vintage 1993

Liz Abere

With a suggested retail price of $350 and an alcohol by volume level of 48.2%, GlenDronach's Master Vintage 1993 was smoother than this sentence when I tried it back in the month of October. On the palate, this scotch tastes like cocoa-dusted coffee and sultana brioche brightened by a twist of baked orange rind and the juiciness of prune oil. However, the finish of it is a long, velvety taste of rich cocoa and dates as pecan toffee lingers into the sumptuous finish. 

Starward Nova Australian Whisky

Liz Abere

Retailing for around $52 per bottle, Starward's Nova Australian Whisky is some of the smoothest whisky that I've ever tried; no joke. The whiskey itself is made in red wine casks, and when I tried it, it tasted a little on the smoky side, which I'm a major fan of.


Espolòn Añejo X

Liz Abere

With a suggested retail price of $99, "Añejo X" is laid to rest for six years in total. The taste is prominent in vanilla with notes of nutmeg and white peppercorn joined by hints of cocoa nibs, bitter chocolate, rich roasted fruits; a rich mouthfeel lingers traces of dark chocolate, cheery, tobacco and honey.

Espolòn Añejo

Liz Abere

Costing $35 per bottle, Espòlon's 'Añejo' tequila initially starts out as 'Blanco' tequila, and is aged in new American oak for 10 months, it’s then placed into deeply charred bourbon whiskey barrels and aged two months longer to create a tequila rich in character with a taste all its own. This one deserves to be sipped, alone or with an ice cube for those of you that are antsy like myself.

Espolòn Reposado

Liz Abere

Just like 'Añejo," Espòlon's "Reposado" starts off as "Blanco," too. It’s then rested in lightly charred, new American oak barrels to create a more complex and well-rounded character uniquely Espolòn. This one begs to be shared in cocktails that deserve even greater tequila character; its suggested retail price is $25.

Tequila Enemigo's Extra Añejo

Liz Abere

Clocking in at around $170 per bottle, Tequila Enemigo's "Extra Añejo" is the best tequila that I've ever had; and that's coming from someone that's not really a tequila person, unless I'm with my friend getting frozen margs during happy hour. The tequila's smooth without being too smooth, and its taste is to die for; the taste alone makes me want to drink the entire bottle in a singular sitting. The nice thing is, nowadays, it comes in a handy dandy gift box


Belvedere's Single Estate Rye Collection

Liz Abere

Although a vodka company, Belvedere also has their "Single Estate Rye" line, which in short is rye whiskey vodka. 750ml bottles of each are $37.99 each on Clos19's website, and the nice thing about the two bottles in the collection is that they go well over ice or mixed into any classic cocktail.


Liz Abere

Just in time for the holidays, Cîroc has released a limited edition "White Grape" flavor. The vodka itself is a rich tasting spirit made with vodka five times distilled from fine French grapes, finished in a tailor-made copper pot still in Southern France. The vodka is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of white grape and other natural flavors, resulting in a taste experience this is lusciously different and elegantly smooth.

Crystal Head Vodka Aurora

Retailing for $59.99 per bottle, Crystal Head Vodka Aurora is produced in Newfoundland, Canada. Made without additives and high quality English wheat, this vodka is filtered seven times and five times distilled. Cocktails can be found here, in case you're going to be the host this year and need some cocktail ideas.

Guillotine Vodka Originale

Liz Abere

Just in time for a boozy holiday celebration, Guillotine's original vodka is a classic, clear vodka that is light and aromatic. The nose is sharp, punctuated by soft notes of fresh lemon that coats the mid-palate and flows into a velvety, well-balanced finish. Taste carefully and you’ll also find a light fruity hint of Zante currants.

Ketel One Holiday Kit

Liz Abere

For the holidays this year, Ketel One has released a "Warm and Cozy" holiday kit. The kit is a hot toddy riff made with velvety milk oolong tea, complemented by roasted spiced pecan, warming spiced honey, and of course Ketel One Vodka, just in case you were wondering what the kit is. The kit itself varies on the size that you get; Choose from the Mini (serves 2) for $36.99, the Classic (serves 6) for $68.99, the Party (Serves 12) for $128.99 and Just The Mix (non-alcoholic) for $51.99. 



Liz Abere

For the holidays this year, FitVine Wine has put together a limited-edition Holiday Red. The Holiday Red is an iconic rich, bold, powerful blend of decadent black fruits, dark raspberry, with a touch of chocolate. It embodies a robust full body character, and ultra-smooth, ultra-refined tannins. Best part: just .01g of sugar per serving.

Harry and David

Retailing for $50, this boozy wine duo is enough to start off the night before you get into either more wine and or some hard booze. The wine duo includes a 750ml bottle of 2018 Pinot Gris and a 750ml bottle of 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon; both bottles in which are from Harry and David.


Liz Abere

For a boozy holiday this year, Winc has a coupon code for everyone; when at checkout, use code "wincholidays" for an extra 35% off of your first order on the website. If you're wondering, they're the masterminds behind Summer Water, and I must admit, gifting anyone a bottle of Summer Water or their Riesling, Debts and Lessons won't cause any harm... take that from a semi-professional wine drinker aka me.

Miscellaneous Bar Tools


If you're wondering, which you probably are, Barsys is a robotic bartender that's mess-free, friendly, and extremely simple to use. Barsys 2.0 retails for $949 and comes with a 30-day trial. There's even a drink coaster that the brand has launched, which clocks in at $149. So if you're tired of being the host of all things events at your place and need some help, you might want have Barsys step in and do the work for you. 

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Liz Abere

Most of us know that mixed drinks are you know... mixed, thus requiring a mixer. This year, consider utilizing Bruce Cost Ginger Ale as your mixer of choice. Why? Cause it's ginger ale that has unfiltered ginger pieces that you can see and taste; all of the flavors start with a simple recipe of just four ingredients, giving a unique experience unlike any other soda, with the complexity and mouthfeel of a sparkling wine or beer. The ale is non-GMO certified, made with organic cane sugar, and retails for approximately $2 per bottle.

So long for a headache, and in comes a boozy holiday celebration, or celebrations to remember for the upcoming decade. Gone are the days of frustration, and in are the days of easy, boozy gifting.