If you pay even the slightest attention to the news, you know Pepsi has recently caused quite the commotion. Their recent release of a controversial new ad has received a tremendous amount of attention because of its accused insensitivity and ignorance to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Many viewers believed that Pepsi trivialized the Black Lives Matter movement and did not accurately represent the violent reality of the subject by taking a lighthearted and arguably insensitive approach. Pepsi, after all, is a soda, so does it really have a place when relating to social tension?

Despite being pulled from the Internet within a day, Pepsi's ad and Kendall Jenner have been the subject of many news articles and countless memes.  

While it's fair to say Kendall Jenner's way of using Pepsi is a big ole' no-go, let's see what other, more conceivable, ways people can use Pepsi. But, this time let's steer clear of solving social justice matters with a model and an aluminum can. With that, here are seven ways to use Pepsi that don't include Kendall Jenner:

1. Removing gum from hair

Need to remove gum from your luscious locks? We've all been there at one point or another. All you need to do is soak your hair in a bowl of Pepsi for a few minutes, and, bam, you'll be gum-free.

2. Soothing a jellyfish sting

Summer's coming. If you're spending yours at a beach with high risk of jellyfish stings, fear not. Bring a can of Pepsi with you to the beach and you won't have a Monica and Joey situation on your hands. Soak a paper towel in Pepsi, wipe it on the sting, and you'll be good as new. No need for ammonia.

Fun fact: did you know you can eat jellyfish, too?

3. Cleaning a toilet

For those of you living in their first apartment, that debris that gathers in a toilet bowl is common, don't worry. How do you clean this from your toilet? Pour Pepsi in the bowl, and let it sit for it while. Then, you're one swish of a brush and one flush away from freshness.

Looking for more cleaning hacks? Discover more drinks that can be used as cleaning products here.  

4. Getting rid of stains

Did you take a late-night tumble last time you went out? Thanks to Pepsi you won't have any trouble getting that mud stain out. Mix the Pepsi in with your detergent, and let the carbonic and phosphoric acids from the Pepsi do the rest. You'll be stain free and ready for your next night out.

5. Illuminating your face

Move over highlighter, there's a new facial illuminator in town. Its name? Pepsi.

By mixing a tablespoon of Pepsi into your moisturizer bottle, you'll add a whole new level of glowy-ness and smoothness to your complexion. Cue Gigi. And, if you're looking to keep your face moisturized, check out these products and methods.

6. Cleaning your windows

Yep, apparently it is a thing to wipe your windows down with Pepsi. It's slightly unnerving that people are drinking something that acts similarly to a chemical cleaning product, but we will get to that later.

7. Fighting off rust

The acid, specifically the phosphoric acid, in Pepsi that counteracts the absurd amounts of sugar, dulls the impact of said sugar, and allows your body to take it down. 

Believe it or not, it works the same with rust. By rubbing a car, bike, or tool with a Pepsi-soaked towel, you let the acid counteract the chemicals that make up rust and dull down their impact on the object they formed on. 


While you could replace your common household cleaning products with Pepsi, you most certainly couldn't replace your favorite soda with say, Lysol. So, should you be putting it into your body? That would be a hard no.

Quick science lesson: According to The Telegraph, 45 minutes after you drink that can of Pepsi or Coca-Cola, your body increases its production of dopamine, triggers the pleasure centers in your brain, and basically works the same way as heroin. Eek, I know.

So, with that, perhaps there are some far better uses for Pepsi than fronting social justice, and, if we are being honest, maybe some better uses than even drinking this sugary soda. At this point, Pepsi may as well be sold as a cleaning product. How 'bout that for a new ad campaign? Move over Kendall, Pepsi cleaners are coming to town.