Some people use common household items like cucumbers on their eyes, or sugar and honey scrubs for chapped lips, but have you ever thought to use powdered food and drink mixes as substitutes for makeup and masks? 

For a girl who uses makeup, like, twice a year, I still watch my fair share of tutorials, and some of the things I've seen people use as substitutes for makeup and even everyday hygiene items are... interesting. Though these alternative uses for some of these everyday household items are pretty strange, you might just find new uses for the foods you planned to throw out. 

1. Lemon juice as deodorant 

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Rebecca Block

Yes, people actually swipe slices of lemon under their arms. Of all deodorant alternatives, who would have thought to use lemons. Just thinking of putting something acidic on me already makes my skin feel like it's burning, but apparently the citric acid kills bacterias that create odors. 

2. Coconut oil as shaving cream 

Coconut oil is known to be a product of many uses. You may know to use it as a cream or makeup remover, but chances are, you haven't thought to use it as a shaving cream. After lathering about a teaspoon on, rinse off your hands (no doubt your shaver will be slipping everywhere) and follow your normal shaving routine. 

It seems like a strange thing to do, but using coconut oil leaves your skin less irritated and more moisturized than regular shaving cream.   

3. Kool-Aid mix as lip stain or hair dye

You read that right. If your childhood was anything like mine (it probably wasn't), your mom restricted the amount of Kool-Aid you could have because it was too "unhealthy". Take me back 10 years and I could have used these things for lip stain and hair dye.

You basically just dump the powder in a bowl, run your finger under the tap, dip it into the powder, and swipe it across your lips (Q-Tips help if its clumpy). 

If you're really looking to not put that Kool-Aid mix to waste, you can temporarily dye your hair with it (who comes up with these things?) by adding conditioner and a little bit of hot water. All that's left to do is follow your normal routine for dyeing hair as if it was hair dye from a box. 

4. Hot Chocolate mix as bronzer

Lightly dabbing your bronzer brush into the mix then onto your cheeks is about as easy as it gets in this list of makeup and hygiene product substitutes. But just a warning, you may smell like chocolate for the rest of the day—not that anyone's complaining.

5. Cacao and Cocoa Powder as eye shadow and eyeliner

Using cacao (or cocoa powder) as eye shadow is as simple as dabbing a Q-Tip in water then in the powdery substance. Next you tap it on the edge of a counter or bowl to get any excess powder off and apply it to your eyelids. If you need something with more colour, Spirulina (which is green) works as eyeshadow as well. 

If you're looking for an alternate to eyeliner, Dutch Processed cocoa powder is darker in colour and can be applied in the same way. 

These are pretty strange kitchen items to use as makeup substitutes, but I bet they'll come to mind the next time you see some cocoa powder sprinkled over your cappuccino or chocolate cake. 

6. Gelatin mix as pore strips

One tablespoon of milk combined with one tablespoon of gelatin mix (unflavoured would be ideal) and microwaved for 10 seconds will give you a pore strip that you can put on using an old makeup brush. Wait for the mixture to cool then apply it for 10 minutes and peel it off!

7. Coffee grounds as an exfoliant

Coffee grounds are great for all kinds of things, especially removing dirt and dead skin cells. When grounded, it reduces inflammation and redness, plus the antioxidants prevent dark circles.

All you need to do is mix 3 tablespoons of it with a tablespoon of brown sugar followed by a tablespoon of natural oil (coconut, almond, olive). Exfoliate by applying it in circular motions and rinse it off with warm water... what a strange thing to find in your bathroom sink. 

Though I love finding new ways to use things I plan on throwing out, it's unlikely I'll be using my beloved coffee grounds as exfoliant. However, just seeing the alternate uses to a few of the  foods I consume means there must be more product substitutes lying around in my kitchen.

Now it's up to you to check out what's in your fridge and cabinets to see what strange concoctions you're daring enough to try.