The holidays are usually a time for family and food. Both of which I love immensely, but also a rather interesting combination when it comes to being a vegan. I thought sharing some of my own experiences might be beneficial in helping my fellow vegans and vegetarians handle the infamous dinner table interrogation. Here is a list of 6 questions you'll be asked this holiday season, in case you needed a little snark to perk up the festivities:

1. "What the f*ck is a Tofurky?"

This question is probably a valid one, because even I have absolutely no clue what is used to concoct the notorious Tofurky. My only guess is that tofu is somewhere on that ingredients list. I usually have to disappoint some relative and admit that I think Tofurky is actually really nasty (even though everyone and their mother assumes vegans live solely off of tofu and lettuce...)

Emma Goll

2. "Since it's the holidays, you don't have to eat like that, right?"

This is by far my favorite question! Not because it isn't offensive (because it definitely is, and is probably only asked with the help of an alcoholic beverage)... but because I can use this as the launch pad for one of my favorite things: angry vegan lecturing! For your health and safety, please don't be the poor soul to ask a vegan this question.

3. "You don't eat fish? What about chicken?"

Veganism in a nutshell: we don't eat any animal products. However, this question remains popular, especially in my family. I usually just smile, shake my head, and resist the urge to roll my eyes as far back into my head as they can go.

4. "How do you give up cheese?

This is a fair question. But it also has a simple answer: you just stop eating it. I say this with all the empathy and love in the world, because I used to be a cheese addict. I'd eat cheese on top of cheese

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

That sh*t is so good, but it also clogs your arteries and the dairy industry is highly inhumane. For me, it's as simple as: are my taste buds worth the suffering? Suddenly, eating dairy isn't as palatable anymore.

milk, cereal, rice flake, sweet, corn
Emma Goll

5. "Don't all those vegetables make you fart?"

And to this, I can't help but laugh. Mostly because I'm still five years old and easily triggered by potty humor, but also because I have to inquire, do I ask you about your farts?

Emma Goll

6. "What do you even eat?"

Anything I want, as long as it's vegan.

Vegan pumpkin pie.

Vegan christmas cookies.

Vegan mashed potatoes.

Vegan sushi.

That damn Tofurky if I really wanted to.

sushi, rice, salmon, tuna, fish, avocado, seafood, wasabi
Emma Goll

Holidays can be a tough time for vegans, especially when you have a nice view of the rear end of a dead bird on a dinner table. However, I try not to let this bother me on holidays.

While it can be tough to ignore animal suffering, I find it best to keep the day light hearted. Accept and love your family, and be grateful that you have a house full of people who care about you. Everyone is doing their best, and we must always remember that our compassion should not discriminate, regardless of differing beliefs.

Just because Grandpa doesn't understand the concept of veganism, it doesn't mean that he loves you any less... no matter how many seemingly ridiculous questions he may ask.